Friday, June 11, 2010

Creature that is MORE FIERCE than YOU of the day : Cheetah mother giving you THAT editorial pose

I love how the mothers "threat" pose is basically THAT editorial pose we all know and love. You know the one Im talking about, Kristen McMenamy and YOU and I were always pulling it...You think Im kidding when I say that pose is major because on a primal level it reminds us of this "threat pose" but im not.. thats EXACTLY why we like it and what it harkens, its fierce, quite literally!

p.s Heres Me looking PLUS SIZE in the head dress before I sent it off to Paris, I thought I was BUFF and in shape then... ooof those mones will play with your brain somethin kookoo... I look like mother fuckin Rosie O'donnell??!!?! Thank you GOD for getting me back together?! At the time I didnt know i'd even lost it.. seriously why didnt any one say "Gurl youre a bloaty mess" and hand me some CAFFEINE PILLS!? and I DO demand street creds for even showing the world this picture. I do it for YOU! Be inspired people! Not that I look so great but in comparison to my "Rosie" days?!???... in just a few short years with decent training, and a decent diet, you can be turning it out with Francois Sagat POOLSIDE in an iridescent speedo too!


Lucien said...

You know I think your pic with Francois is Fierce and how much I love those special SIU thongs - Very special to me indeed ! :- )

gavin said...

OMG you correctly spelled "creature that is more fierce THAN you" instead of "THEN you" for the very first time!!!!!

I'm so proud of you, Dave, this is a huge step!

I didn't have the heart to correct you before.

David Mason said...

Well it cant be the first time as all I have to do Is type Cre in the subject line and the entire title shows up, but I have to be honest I dont know the proper usage for Then or THAN

brando said...

I was scared as hell for those cubs and it was only 2 minutes long! I kept thinking, "get the FUCK down cub, get down!!!"