Thursday, June 17, 2010

I dont like Grindr because it makes me feel like a NAZI

The only way to get fresh people on Grindr besides WALKING AROUND is by BLOCKING people, which just seems HARSH because then you just end up deleting what you dislike the MOST first, which feels mean. Maybe they can come up with another word instead of BLOCK, like ASSUAGE or redirect or "HAVE MAYDAY PROVIDE THEM WITH A DRINK" .

That ARM AKIMBO at :28 makes me squeal with delight.


Martha Stewart said...

Hey Rainbow Brite,

I have no idea what you're talking about, but you need a therapy session to talk about your "REALZ" issues.

Authentically yours,
Martha Stewart

Mathieu said...

You are a genius

brando said...

Have I got a surprise for you when we get to Madrid.

Jay said...

Jesus, that movie is so rad. I watched it over and over. I've never wanted to be a black/Nazi-bred biologically augumented female crazed assassin riding a mining cart with a bomb attached to it out of a cave to save Silicon Valley more in my life than when I first saw this movie.

David Mason said...

Thank you Jay, because a lot of STUPID PEOPLE say its the worst one and its SO NOT, its the BEST one!