Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I thought I had something to talk about to today...

but all that comes to mind is how I went on Grinder and this guy asks me if im versatile because he is. His next question is "Are you HUNG?"... BITCH YOU ARE NOT VERS?!?!? If how hung are you is your first question you are not vers AT ALL, in fact I think youre actually quite the opposite and a RAGING SIZE QUEEN BOTTOM... Fuckin tryory, I mean seriously I NEVER ask if anyone is hung and im a pretty big bottom, so if I was going to be in a state of hung being a NECESSITY I think Id have to be a SERIOUSLY SLOPPY WELL USED BOTTOM which in this queens mind translates to VERSATILE... Fuckin Israelis, I dunno if I know ONE thats not CONSTANTLY TRYIN IT... My response was "Im not hung and youre not vers." ...block.


Holly said...

You really need a camera crew following you at all times. I am dying laughing.

Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

As a "seriously sloppy, well-used bottom," I must confess I have slept the the person attached to the monster cock featured in soaked football pants picture.

He's a former Broadway dancer whose tiny body is considerably out of proportion to the man meat, which makes for even hotter visuals.

But he has this kooky routine where he takes you into the shower and has you sit on the shower bar and then does these dramatic pelvic thrusts combined with second position grande plies. It all seemed like reject choreography from a Whitesnake video.

I call this a routine because we hooked up twice via AOL chats (how I miss them) about a year apart in the mid-90's. He didn't remember me the second time yet proceeded to do the exact same thing.

And as rare and beautiful as his cock is (and it is as pretty as it is large), he doesn't allow you to actually enjoy it. He has to be in charge of it at all times, which teases for the first fifteen minutes but ultimately leads to an unsatisfying session.

I only kiss and tell on Tuesdays,
Martha Stewart

sobehotfun said...

Your package looks quite fine in that poney pic.

Ronaldo said...