Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lady Gagas schtick is officially up already... This is what I heard between two gays talking about the new video...

"Did you see the new Lady Gaga video?"


"Its got guys in corsets and high heels running around"


THATS IT... THAT WAS FAST.... Weird for no reason is great, Im GLAD she exists for sure, but its hard to keep "weird" going when theres nothing to back it up in the end.. It ends up coming off like Tim Burtons schtick that were all over as well. Maybe its a comment about the gays though, they are SO damn hard to please. As soon as you become TOO gay friendly they drop you, you have to stay somewhere between their own self loathing and their need for recognition, but press neither too far... its a tough game.


Anonymous said...

gaga: all reference, no context, no thanks.

Jubell said...

I have to say that I think I like Gaga because she can be edgy, but you can't hit that bullseye all the time.

Also...I think doing "gay stuff" doesn't reflect the LGBT community. Cause in the end it sounds like she's grasping some stereotypical stuff.

Ya know?

I still like her work now and then, though ^^

Anonymous said...

I actually love the new video - I mean, it's ridiculous and completely OTT - but that's what I love about her. I think pop music today really needs a bit of completely whimsical fuckery - and she's just the gurl to deliver.

That said, I cannot wait to see what Westboro Baptists has to say about this. You know those lovely kooks that brought us "Godhatesfags", "Godhatessweden" and most recently their ridiculously catchy "God hates the world"? Well, they HATE Gaga and did a cover of Poker-face. It's hilarious - you should totally look it up.


Anonymous said...
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youreviltwin said...

i don't think gays hate being pandered to, no matter how crass and cynical the marketing or how awful the product is.

see 'logo,' 'gay film,' etc.