Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mom is awesome.

but not if youre a pre-op F2M tranny teenager. :( Really CHAZ... Thats the BEST you could do?! Rotten dyke. :)



you can see the dyke in here comeing out in the pics, well, cher tried!

Holly said...

The poor dear. He looks miserable.

Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

Boy, does this take me back.

I think it was the cover shoot for "Martha Stewart's Hors d'Oeuvres" or was it "Entertaining"? It was the '80's, who can remember...

Anyway, I tried to get my own dyke-ish tyke-ish to rally for the pictures. Well, mister priss was not having it. When she wasn't launching roasted new potatoes with her sling shot, that fella was using my finger sandwiches like Lincoln Logs.

I know when to pick my battles. You can take the girl out of coveralls, but you can't take the coveralls out of the girl.

I don't know where she gets that pigheaded, macho swagger. Certainly, not from her father.

Martha Stewart

ken-dc said...

Aren't most teenagers miserable fucks? I know I was!