Friday, June 25, 2010

Product review: Iphone 4

Ok so I stood in line for 2 hours yesterday and got the new phone. They had two versions available, both in black only, one for 299 and one for 199, I went with the 299 one this time as I thought with the video feature it would take up more memory and last time I got the cheaper one so I didnt feel bad about spending an extra 100$. I only did it because Im going away next week and didnt wanna bring my shitty old iphone with the broken screen, so I had to get this one NOW as the "reservation" only lasted 24 hours.
I wanted to take video and stuff and the new phone has a flash for both video and camera, allows two way photography so you dont have to turn it away to get a self picture, and has "FaceTime" which is like Skype but for the iphone. I tried Facetime once and it took a while to get connected but it did work and seemingly without a delay but then froze when my friend tried to take a snapshot of the screen.
The phone itself is heavier I feel by far. They did not have any "bumpers", the protective case, left for 30$?!?!? Do you remember the SWATCH GAURD?!? I DO, and they were 7$ for a RUBBER BAND... This is the modern SWATCH GAURD, and they were sold out so even though it doesnt fit im using my old iphone protective rubber case as I am a BUTTER FINGERS and drop it all the time and being that as you stood in line an employee from Apple was saying "This is an 800$ computer in your POCKET, if you break it it will cost 800$ to replace! Your phone is mostly paid for by ATT but if you lose it or break it, you will have to pay total price of 800$"... 800 muthafuckin dollars for a phone.... Im putting it on a CHAIN! It does crack me up though how they have to have EMPLOYEES remind you how advanced a piece of technology it is and how we basically take it for granted and see it as a semi temporary item, where as if this device existed 15 years ago youd be the most powerful person in the world.
Anyways, it seems cool but I went to the pier today to tan and it OVERHEATED and had a big blinking exclamation point in a "caution" sign on it saying TEMPERATURE!. So I had to LEAVE, because there was nothing I could do, the phone was in my bag..
So all in all Id say its cool but its HEAVY (Phil didnt think it was heavy, but hes also an Apple employee and they can do no wrong in his mind) and it can over heat easily.. MAYBE... I mean the sun was DIRECT and HOT and there was NO SHADE... but I dunno. If I went to the beach and it short circuited Id be INSANE...
All and all its cute and will be great for sex, as we all plan on using it when were getting banged- dont act like it wasnt your first thought when you heard it had video WITH FLASH, but I advise holding the camera as far away as possible, and be sure to BE ON YOUR BACK, because if it gets close to your face its NOT CUTE and you look like a GREASY, SAGGY FACED, DOUGH BALL.. Or at least I do.


witomski said...'re styling and profiling now!....Joe

Anonymous said...

when I dropped my iPhone in the toilet last year, I was told by the phone company that it would be $600 to replace... so went to the Mac store, and when they confirmed it indeed had water damage they replaced it with a brand new one for $150.

Gerry said...

Oh my:

gavin said...

It's comforting to know I'm not the only one who broke his iPhone and had to replace it!

I recommend the Otter Defender Series case for the iPhone. It's a sturdy, plastic skeleton wrapped in a rubber exoskeleton that will protect the iPhone from your clumsy ass CONSTANTLY DROPPING IT, which everyone does, which causes screen cracks. The touch controls work directly through an extra screen covering.

It practically waterproofs the iPhone as well (my sister had to replace her iPhone after dropping hers in dishwater).

I don't know if they make a version for the iPhone 4's new shape, but it's the bomb:

Aaron said...

no SHADE at the PIER.. Seriously??

MDW said...

My friend got the new iPhone the other day and he's been telling me that Grindr isn't working on it... Have you had any trouble with that?