Saturday, June 26, 2010


My friend Justin is re-designing a sex club in L.A.. When he showed me this specific unused concept I IMMEDIATELY was like "MONROE!!!!" He never saw "Too Close for Comfort" and if you havent watch till 0:28 and you'll see EXACTLY what Im talking about!
Why are the interior design details of a show I havent seen in 25 years BURNED INTO MY BRAIN?!...and stranger still is the fact that I could go to a sex club in LA and not only feel like I was in Monroes boudoir but could VERY WELL LIKELY encounter the REAL MONROE, JMJ BULLOCK, while I was there!?! Talk about too close for comfort?!!?!
Once my semi-retarded friend Tony who was known for EXAGGERATING a story made the mistake of telling us he just cruised the HOTTEST DADDY and then pointed him out to my friend Ruben who GAGGED then CACKLED then HAD TO TELL the HOTTEST DADDY was JMJ BULLOCK?! We GIGGLED FOREVER and SNACKED ON HIS SHAME!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm . . . no Monroe in the intro! He must have come along after the first season.
Hey, what are those tower like pylons right at the beginning? Is that the Golden Gate Bridge or something else?

AndWhat! said...

OH Mi God, this is right down the street from my casa. Thank you mista vay-da! Buena Vista Park!!

AndWhat! said...

Oh Mi Dios. That's a shot of Executive Castro. Of course Monroe would have lived in this area, this is right down the street from where I live. Thank you Mista Vay-da! Thank you for posting.