Tuesday, July 13, 2010

America is SO retarded?!

The concept of "NORMAL" SUCKS HARD. People confuse NORMAL for MAJORITY, they are VERY different. Theyre obviously BOTH faggots?! I love how they think because the one is hyper masculine hes not the gay?! Um hello?! I fell for that stunt when I was like 3 and liked the leatherman from the village people the most... but then I caught on pretty quick...
Uber gay is gay but uber masculine is ALSO gay... two sides of the same coin babe.
Oh and kudos for the uber gay one for having the balls to go for it. Oh but wait.. its not like the parents arent the one setting this all up, i mean did those kids seriously decorate their own rooms?! If so theyre gayer then I thought. I mean I remember wanting a bedspread with dinosaurs on it SO BAD but i didnt have the insight to do a complete theme with curtains etc... these kids are going for it. These kids are gonna end up like POWERGAYS, and the "masculine" one is SO gonna be the biggest party fisting bottom, ugh poor thing is setting himself up for disaster?! The gay one will be a fierce top though, you know this.


brando said...

I just watched the entire segment unedited and I'm soo upset- let me know if you want a link to it.

One guy said that it depends on whether or not you're right or left handed or if you have alot of older brothers. I mean really? With these weak ass theories.

It makes us less than human when it's simple theories like these that can determine who we are. "You WOULD have been straight, but your mother had too many boys before you, so now you're gay."

You're basically telling me I'm a mistake, that I'm only this way because of a formality. Thanks. You piece of shit. There's a complex formula for creating a male or a female but whether it's gay or a lesbian, is a minor afterthought. Ugh, I can't!

gavin said...

I love how she talks about "gender non-conformity" like it's a disease.

Fuck conformity, most people are wrong about even what's best for themselves.

Sue said...

Yeah, the guy in that segment seemed like a douche to me too. Don't be upset by him Brando. He's not much of a scientist; what kind of credentials has he got anyhow? Why should anyone listen to him; just because he is on 60 Minutes!!! Pishaw! Katie ought to have slapped him around a bit to get some sense into his dense head!


MDW said...

Oh man, I saw this segment a few years ago when it was on TV and it really disturbed me. These kids are way too young to know how to talk about their sexualities and these adults are projecting all this gender shit onto them. There's no way the parents aren't responsible for all the girl toys and decorations. It's possible this kid IS transgendered, but that doesn't mean he's gay. These people just don't know the difference. My guess is that the mother made up that story about him being a girl in a boy's body, and has told it so much that he just believes it now.

I predict that he's going to rebel against the girl stuff when he hits puberty and he'll go real butch to compensate for it. But I agree that he'll probably end up being a top.