Saturday, July 10, 2010

Creature that is more fierce than you of the day: Grace Jones suffering Ennui

I think she has the right idea.... Until she finds the right man in her life shes just gonna stay where she is and beat people with a whip, who are trapped in garbage bag "crystals", while wearing a cat suit... Its the perfect plan really.


Aaron said...

Ha ha!!! Singles BAHHHS, one night STAHHHNDS
I have the 12" of this, one of my faves..

David Mason said...

Im SO glad you made note of that, Singles BAHHHZ and one night STAHHNDS makes me INSANE , is she saying one night stands?! or is she saying one night stars?!? because stands does not rhyme with BARS and that kinda rhyming kookery always just sets me off?! But I love it when people rhyme SEWER and TOUR .. that i LOVE.

gavin said...

Is she ever going to fall in love in New York City?

Not unless her spaceship transports her to planet Earth first.

But it's sweet of her to try to pass herself off as a down-home earthling from Tennessee, U.S.A. as opposed to New Jamaica Province, Mars.

youreviltwin said...

There's no way Grace Jones has ever been to Tennessee. Tryory.

fang said...

i worship at the alter of Lady Gra Gra!