Sunday, July 11, 2010

Creature that is more fierce than you of the day: Paul the 100% accurate psychic Octopus

From the Telgraph:

Paul the psychic octopus maintains his 100 per cent World Cup success rate after correctly predicting Spain would beat Holland in the final Photo: AP
The mystic mollusc confirmed his flawless accuracy after Spain lifted the trophy, beating Holland 1-0.
Paul has become England’s only hero of the tournament after accurately foretelling the result of all six matches involving Germany.

The Dorset-born soothsayer also won privileged status in Spain after he predicted that its footballers would defeat the Dutch at Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg on Sunday night.
Even the Spanish Prime Minsiter Jose Luiz Rodriguez Zapatero expressed his affection for the creature after his prediction was announced on Friday.
"I am concerned for the octopus. I am thinking of sending him a protective team," Zapatero said.
Elena Espinosa, the Spanish environment and fisheries minister also swore to protect Paul.
"On Monday, I shall be at the European Council of Ministers and I shall be asking for a [fishing] ban on Paul the octopus so the Germans do not eat him," Espinosa said.
Paul’s call looked to be in doubt as the game was still goalless after 90 minutes and there was still no clear winner with only four minutes of extra time remaining.
However, with Holland down to 10 men, Andres Iniesta took the Spaniards into the lead with a devastating shot from the edge of the box.
Moments later, Spain was celebrating taking it first ever World Cup title.
Paul, a common octopus, has astounded the world of football with his forecasts, so much so that people have began betting on them rather than the outcomes of the matches themselves.
He was born at the Sea Life Centre in Weymouth but developed his soothsaying skills after being transferred to Sea Life Oberhausen, an aquarium in western Germany.
Keepers devised a dinnertime game in which he was offered the choice of two glass boxes containing a mussel.
During the Euro 2008 football championships, flags of the competing sides were placed on the containers and it was noted that on almost every occasion, the team that Paul’s tentacle touched first went on to win their match.
The trick was repeated at the start of South Africa’s World Cup for Germany’s games, and as the tournament progressed his uncannily accurate predictions were followed ever more closely.
Paul guessed the outcome of all Germany’s group games, including their shock loss to lowly Serbia, as well as their defeat of England and Argentina in subsequent rounds.
There was national anguish after he picked the container bearing the Spanish flag ahead of Wednesday night’s semi-final, with angry fans calling for him to be “thrown into the shark tank”.
When Spain beat Germany, preserving his 100 per cent record, “anti-octopus” songs were aired in Berlin while Spanish fans chanted his name at the stadium in Durban.


crumpet0552 said...

Yes! I'm a Brit living in Madrid and I can testify that Paul is a big star here. Last night, in the midst of all the noise and flag-waving, I saw a guy wearing a No 10 football shirt, normally reserved for the player Pedrito (or Pedro), but yesterday it had "Pulpito" (=little octopus). Sweet, ¿no?

Sue said...

I told my husband about this last night and he thought I had lost my mind. Truth: stranger than fiction!

Tony Ward said...

The death threats against Paul made me giggle, ESP the Argentinians posting octopus paella recipes after they lost to Germany lol