Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just sayin': I have never been into blow jobs much...

One of the reasons is that when someone is SUCKING your dick they look all skully and creepy and it turns me off to see a zombie sucking the life force out of my penis.
NOTE* This is not to be confused with simply a dick in the mouth.?! I LIKE a dick in the mouth, thats sexy, but once you or they start sucking and your/their face gets all freaky its a boner kill for me... another good reason for a hood.


Sue said...

Is that hood sparkly or does it have glitter on it?

Holly said...

I currently have milk coming out of my nose at Sue's comment. I am eating cereal for breakfast, by the way. The fact that she noticed the sparkles when there's a huge penis in someone's mouth cracked me up.

Now David, I have to ask, are you opposed to giving as well or just receiving? I'm a little confused. I have honestly never met a guy who doesn't like blow jobs.

David Mason said...

I think its spit... and Im not opposed to giving blow jobs I just go limp if someone tries to give me one, theyre too soft. It feels too weak and annoys me more then it feels good, its like someone giving you one of those massage where they just run their hands on your body and dont actually give any pressure. Im thick skinned I need some pressure. There no way to give a firm blow job without toothing a person.
/ya know what the feeling is sorta like for me, when someone licks their finger and sticks it in your ear, its just wet and annoying, thats my feeling about blow jobs.

Sue said...

Holly, you just have to understand that Dave and I have a long history of discussion of things sparkly vs. glitter and I have been in the porn blogging biz for quite a while and dicks in people's mouths just don't throw me anymore. I don't mean to offend you at all. Check out my blog if you don't believe me.

Dave, are you saying that someone has glittery spit????

I can't say that I am too surprised by Dave's point of view, since he has always held that he has a very insensitive dick. Poor baby!!! I feel so badly for him!!! Think what pleasures he is missing!

gavin said...

Blowjobs are my favorite -- it might even be a fetish for me they're so vital.

But I'll meet you half way: I would never blow a Predator.

"There no way to give a firm blow job without toothing a person."

The sucker just has to sheathe his lips over his teeth at all times.

It may rub the inside sore after those long and heavy sessions, but it protects the cock and feels REALLY good.

Holly said...

Oh did not offend. It was just the fact that I was eating my cereal at the breakfast table while reading Dave's blog (hi Dave!) and the glitter comment came up and it just made me laugh. Partially because it's one of the blogs I read at breakfast, but I have to be very careful because the kiddies are about. Anyway, the whole situation struck me as funny. And I have been to your blog. Love. Have a good one!

Dean said...

I never cared for blow jobs either. I get kinda bored in the middle of them.