Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More from the new Slick It Up illustrated catalogue by Benoit Prevot

Im really so happy with Benoits job on this. He nailed it, and now I already wanna have him make another one but I will have to wait a year to come up with new gear for him to feature. The download is FREE and available HERE
For more of Benoits work click HERE


youreviltwin said...

Wait, WHAT?! there are NO COMMENTS on Benoit Prévot's Slick it Up catalogue?

I just looked at it now for the first time and i think it is absolute GENIUS. The way you guys went for the idea of FANTASY in such an absolute manner with all the strange creatures/animal people is just conceptually brilliant. You picked the right person to do that with... it could have been weird or creepy, but BP made it CHARMING and CUTE and FUN and wow. You guys really hit a home run with it, i can't believe nobody else has commented on it.

David Mason said...

Thanks so much!! The feedback has been really good! Im glad that you like it as I value your opinion! :)

youreviltwin said...

i love the one where he revamps that fiberglass Malificent bust in profile. did he come up with all the little HOV references, or did you guys brainstorm together?