Wednesday, July 14, 2010


i swear my jaw dangled open for 45 seconds before I closed my mouth... a Sabrina AND Sammy duet to Call me?! WOW?! ... but I cant watch it, I dunno, after the first 45 seconds I just stopped. but the IDEA is AMAZING and Im glad it exists. It reminds us that we were NOT dreaming and 1987 DID in fact exist...
And if for some reason you dont know who these two ladies, of the night, are learn these well because theyre everything a bimbo homosexual needs to know on how to attract cute boys... Actually wait.. behaving like this I think would only attract ME, I think it would be best if you DO watch the video and behave the OPPOSITE of them.. then youll get some dick. Otherwise you'll just have me thinking your the most amazing retarded person ever and we'll be friends and sip turquoise cocktails together poolside because thats what were good at.... but it wont get you a man, a TRANNY MOOSE.. yes, a top...not so much.

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Leatherpigboy said...

OMG Ok i cant believe i am going to admit this but i always have loved Samantha Fox saw her in concert when i was like 13, imagine a scrawny lil fag singing Touch Me. This video is amazing and i loved it so much i just went to itunes and bought the song!! They did an album together LOL nothing says trashy like Samantha Fox