Thursday, July 15, 2010

Not that Im assuming youre as stupid as me BUT

Dont go see Predators.. what a boring piece of shit. Of course you knew better, I didnt. Im a sucker for a monster fight movie but there wasnt even one good action scene?! They clearly did NOT have the budget... And Cowboy Curtis is in it looking like Andre Leon Talley which was just unsavory.


gavin said...

OMG I loved PREDATORS and thought it was better than the originals!

I think it has the best action scenes and suspense of any movie this year so far (INCEPTION will probably replace it tomorrow, though). Lower budgets and more focus is GREAT for action movies instead of getting lost in random, overly ambitious visual effects. Less is more.

PREDATORS even got praise from most critics -- which is VERY hard for any horror or sci-fi flick to do.

I had fun, but oh well. To each his own!

pearpenguin said...

I am stupid. But then the last movie I saw was Splice so this is progress. My friend loved Predators but it left me lacking something. There was no fear or excitement in it and no laughs. Adrien Brody is ruining my summer.