Saturday, July 17, 2010

A thought came to me in the shower....

I wonder if gays have no interest in children because nobody designs anything interesting for them... the day Bob Mackie comes out with a childrens line, Babe Mackie?!????, Is the day I think... "Hmmm I wonder if I should try turning this "fatherhood" thing out"


Dean said...

Babies cut into the fashion budget. And it is hard to coordinate them with your outfit.

David Mason said...

and at the risk of being cruel, lets be honest.. they have a HORRIBLE silhouette.

Holly said...

David, that is the funniest thing I have heard in forever. And as always, so very true.

Sue said...

Potential baby issues:

They can't wear heels.
They need to wear a diaper [which needs to be changed frequently].
They cry LOUDLY at inconvenient times.
Some DO NOT like being fussed with.
They get dirty.
They need to be fed OFTEN.
They need shots and other bullshit like that.
You can't just walk away and leave them alone when you are bored.
They are at least an 18 year commitment.
They don't stay babies long.
They require an education at some point.
Problems continue as they grow up and get more complex and convoluted, or so I hear.

But I also hear that they will love you unconditionally or blame you and need therapy for a good long time. You make the call.

Holly said...

You know? My kids told me that they were being treated like SLAVES because we asked them to help us out in the yard, a la weed the flower beds. I pulled a Dixie Carter and went CRAZY on their asses and they cried. Kids are awesome. Cause everyone needs a Dixie Carter moment. And if you want kids, Dave, I will happily let you babysit for a week whilst my darling dearest and I spend a fun week in NYC. I think it would make for the reality series of the DECADE!

David Mason said...

Im soooo happy you channeled Dixie!! I laughed so hard I got spit on the monitor. I can SO see a mother pulling that stunt too, and the children have NO idea that as angry as you are YOU know youre channeling Dixie and that makes it fun... for you.

Herodotus said...

"Always spank your child
and beat it when it sneezes
it only does it to annoy
because it knows it teases!"

Lewis Carroll