Monday, July 19, 2010

WOW?! Check out the ALL NEW Slick It Up Illustrated Catalogue by BENOIT PREVOT

Im SO EXCITED about this new catalogue illustrated by one of my favorite illustrators Benoit Prevot! I really think he captured the fun and sexy angle I go for with Slick It Up. I asked him to really take advantage of the medium of illustration and do things with it that you cant do in reality like have monsters as models, proportion changes, wild props etc...
Its best viewed with adobe reader which is a free and easy download and its available there along with the catalogue.
Here is a sample of some of the illustrations.
To get the free catalogue click HERE and to see more of Benoit Prevots work click HERE

Here is a sample of some of the illustrations from the catalogue :


rob said...

These drawings are absolutely amazing.

Anonymous said...

excellent work... congrats to you both!

brando said...

That shit is going to be fierce honey... give me a buzz when you're choosing paper and the cover paper! Think heavy cover stock!!!

David Mason said...

Yeah honey I'll THINK it and you can PAY FOR IT.. Im thinking CHEAP and as much as I'd like heavy weight paper its not gonna happen with a minimum of 1000

Michael Joseph said...

These illustrations look great! I especially like the first two.