Wednesday, July 14, 2010

YAY for France! They banned RELIGIOUS TRYORY

Im SO GLAD France banned veils. Click HERE to read the article. Why am I happy about it? Because I LOATHE any of that RELIGIOUS TRYORY that people pull with the STUNT of dressing in a specific way because THEYRE FRIENDS WITH GOD. Stop TRYIN' IT. This goes for mormons, monks, any of it. It deeply annoys me that people think they have a special relationship with god because they wear a uniform that someone said GOD LIKES and therefore means THEYRE BETTER THAN YOU because of it. I mean I AM appreciative of the COSTUME element of it. I mean I like it. Its fun to see the Jewish guys with the crazy FUR HATS, but its NOT a costume to these people and in the case of the veils its a VERY PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE "fuck you". Its just rude. Its along the same lines as Jennifer Lopez making the crew LOWER THEIR HEADS when she walks by on set. The concept of "you cant see me" but I can see you is just gross. I mean I DO pull a similar stunt with my WRAP AROUND SUNGLASSES but it is only SIMILAR and its not FORCED on me.
Good for France, its another reason why theyre more fierce then us... sometimes.... a lot of times.


Sue said...

I feel very torn about this issue. I believe as an American in freedom of religion, so long as it doesn't hurt others. Therefore, I would allow them to wear the burqa. However, I am a feminist and don't agree with the repression of women. Wearing the burqa or veils represses women as does keeping purdah as required by some tenants of the Islamic religion. Also, some Muslim people do not think that women should be educated at school or work in public. So, women would not be equal in society at all. Based on this feeling, I agree with France's decision. I'm just glad I'm not in charge!

youreviltwin said...

oh, BURQAS! i was like "um, i literally CANNOT BELIEVE that FRANCE of all places would ban VEILS!? is there some significance that i am not aware of? is it a catholic thing?" i don't even hardly think of burqa's as veils, it's more like part of a matté body bag with eye holes.

David said...

Americans don't seem to know what is going on in Europe with the Muslims. It isn't like America with a new group assimilating the culture values and behaviors.

Liberal, open cultures are not under the moral obligation to allow the oppression of new fundamentalist immigrants.

Anonymous said...

I am very much for the ban...if I could I would also make it for others to not dress in a certain way to claim some exclusivity or superiority...I loath the way religion makes their adherents comply and conform.
As I have always said: "you may choose to worship green unicorns from Tasmania and do so hanging from a chandelier for all I care, but when you insist in dragging everyone else with you to that mud puddle of superstition and ignorance that is when I have to put my foot down"

gavin said...

This is one of the few free speech/expression bans that I'm ALL FOR.

Sue is right -- traditional Islam subjugates women and gays. Like most religions, it peddles false myths and exploits ignorant, impoverished people for money.

And the Muslims in Europe are today a threat to all the secular, liberal progress that has been made. They want all the jobs and money that Europe has to offer but without plurality, tolerance, equal rights for women and gays and solid educations which question (and disprove) Islam.

I feel it is extremely important for Europe to retain its own culture and hold a very strict line against ignorance, religion, cultural subjugation and the rampant barbarism of the underdeveloped Muslim world.

If Muslims want to come to the West, they should be forced to respect and adhere to Western culture instead of trying to change it or eke out their own subculture of oppression.

Europe also needs to close its doors to new Muslim immigration, in my opinion. It's created a minority big enough to threaten the culture and many of them turn violent when they don't get their way -- witness the many hate crimes and assassinations against women and gays Muslim gangs have committed in recent years, not to mention the work riots in France. This is a dangerously insular and growing subculture unwilling to assimilate or reform itself with elements that turn violent.

It should be confronted.

sobehotfun said...

I think that allowing women to wear the burkha in public in France should be re-permitted when women wearing halter tops in public is permitted in Iran.

Sue said...

I would add that it seems to be the more fundamentalist arms of Islam that use these conservative means, like the burqa, to repress women. A reduction in fundamentalist parts of Islam would benefit everybody in that they seem to be the most violent factions of the religion; the same way as fundamentalist arms of the Christian and Jewish faiths are also violent, conservative and repressed. I think that the world would be a better place if the major religions were more relaxed and reformed. This would minimize and end many wars. You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

Who said that?

Herodotus said...

To Europe's credit they opened there countries to immigration with the idea that eventually the new comers would assimilate. What is actually happening is colonization with many of the evils that go with.

Anonymous said...

besides the obvious oppressive nature of the burqa, many countries ban the wearing of a balaklava for security issues.
seems way obvious that if one wants a driver's license or passport or to walk into a bank they must show their face.

gavin said...

I wonder what Francois Sagat thinks of this, being both French and Arabic.

David Mason said...

Francois isnt arabic, hes only french. and I think if you go back far enough his fathers side is like Hungarian or something, but not arabic.

Shinobi Phoenix said...

"Your right to swing your arms ends where my nose begins."

One can tout religious freedom all they want, but how responsibility and fortitude to see something is wrong and call it out?

If someone hurts or oppresses someone else and then claims "God says so," that's the point your religious freedom ends. It's no different than someone in America physically gay-bashing someone and then claiming "God hates gays" as some justification. It's just hatred, insecurity, and prejudice masking under a banner. That's not God, that's man and nothing more.