Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fyf thinks Im smart.. and I didnt even pay them to say it?!

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From Fyf:
So...our regular advertiser, Slick It Up is an online fetish gear emporium run by a friend who recently did an amazing and fantastic shoot with French photographers Exterface in which he plays a sexy, muscled and utterly over-the-top unicorn. The shoot quickly became a global sensation, as evidenced by the strange and random rip-offs/loving tributes readers and friends continue to run across and send pictures of to David's (Slick It Up's owner and designer and the Unicorn model/mastermind) blog: House of Vader (Warning: SO not safe for work!!)...e.g. - a cake decorated to look like one of the photos (begging the question, who was the birthday honoree?) and an honest-to-god black velvet painting of David as the unicorn, on sale in a shop in Mexico (displayed right beside a velvet portrait of Mother Teresa!?).

Follow up marketing campaign? David commissioned French illustrator (no, I swear he's not biased! ...both artists just happen to be French?!) Benoit Prevot to create a new catalog for Slick It Up starring even more fantastical creatures than a rainbow-gilded man/unicorn.

Check out the complete result here.

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