Saturday, August 14, 2010

Go ahead and hate me / him for it!?!

Edith Piaf said "Use your faults" and Grace Jones talks about putting this concept into practice and its merits for success. This TRANNY MUPPET does the EXACT same thing?! I SWEAR your faults are your key to success, theyre like SUPER POWERS, nobody likes someone "perfect" and its your flaws that make you attractive, not your perfections... In a room full of 5,000 gays on steroids with surly looks on their faces this Israeli faggot is QUEENING OUT and having more fun and MAKING MORE MONEY then anyone! So AMEN sister GO FOR IT, QUEEN OUT because I APPRECIATE IT?! It gives me artistic freedom. I did the EXACT same thing in 6th grade when "Venus" by Bananarama came on at the school dance and I QUEENED OUT so hard I crashed into the back of David Didios head and got a BLACK EYE!!...Thank you Offer Nissam ( I cant believe im giving thanks for circuit party dj) but THANK YOU for being the Pied Piper of FAGGOTRY and letting all these terrified guys on mones know what its all about?! You deserve every dime you make?!
ps. Dont waste your time looking for the little sticks under the wrists to see if its a PUPPET, I watched the entire thing and shes REAL?! I also like that amidst all the positive energy she still needs to take time out for a ciggy break... shes good energy, but not THAT GOOD.


duaner said...

i still can't stop giggling about the banarama queen out story. oh DAVID!! you are a barrel (chest) of laughs!

gavin said...

Put the camera back on the go-go dancer, DAMMIT!

bostongman said...

that video was AMAZING...BLOWN AWAY