Monday, August 16, 2010

Im not saying I love this video, but it is headed in the right direction for sure

Its got a lot of elements that are good, and I like the song, I like that "Antony" sound (though most people hate it), a DEMENTED old lady is NEVER wrong, and a decapitation type thing is always exciting, but Id be lying if I didnt say that I feel like the lesbian couple was unnecessary.


Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

There's nothing especially 'Vader' about this link excusing the bubbliness of the butt. However, I thought you might appreciate the REALZ-ness of hosting such activity in one's backyard.

Do you think it hurts or helps property values?

Martha Stewart

Eric Arvin said...

I actually do love it. It reminds me of a John Irving novel, for some reason.

Michael Joseph said...

I like it! When I saw the beginning, I was kind of like, hmm I don't know what's going on or where this is going. But it gets more...I don't know, it just comes together somehow. I'm liking the lesbians too. The pearls, yeah.