Monday, August 30, 2010

Im officially a "grey person" and I just figured out the secret to Liza Minnelli that I could never quite put into words till now

Today I clicked on a BANNER AD on youtube because it was for the Progressive Insurance Company and I WANTED to see the commercial. I dont know why but I like the Progressive Insurance lady and her name is "Flo"... I like her that much I know her name.
I also watched Bob Mackies WEARABLE ART on QVC. If youre flipping the channels and you come across it STAY AND WATCH. OMG ITS AMAZING?! Its like lesson number one in SATANISM!!! Every single world is a LIE. It feels very similar to watching LIZA MINNELLI perform, like you KNOW its all fake but you wanna believe it so bad that you allow yourself to get wrapped up in it because you think maybe she also knows its a lie but doesnt know how to be normal so she does this amazing and elaborate routine for you to like her so even though its fake you DO LIKE IT because as a gay you totally relate because THIS IS/was YOUR LIFE and in this backwards way you are FLATTERED and SYMPATHETIC that shes doing it too...
Anyways... its like that. Some of the lies they would tell and the LOOKS they would pump had me HOWLING... I managed to snap a photo of this particularly INCONSPICUOUS ENSEMBLE that had me applauding and thanking god for the faggot who put it together and sent it in front of the camera for American women and ME to take note..... oh and mind you this photo doesnt capture it all because it wasnt just the look its that she was in CHARACTER and MODELED "inconspicuous" meaning that she did EXACTLY what YOU or I would have done had we had the same outfit on which is : Gloved hand on glasses, other hand on glasses, look to the side, look to the other side!, put your head down, mincing stacatto walk.. ARMS AKIMBO in CONFIDENCE!!?! ,turn to the side, HUF, turn fully around and strut away... look back over shoulder and pull sunglasses down seductively (but not too far!?!) coyly smile and EXIT!

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Bronte said...

I LOVE YOU DAVID! Im an Interior Designer and I work with clients who are the average run of the mill characters to stuffy and reserved characterless. After a long week I usually check out your blog, and I would have to say that most of the time Im in tears. All good! You have a great outlook on life, about yourself, and about the things you see, read, or hear. Your honesty is what I enjoy and "dunno". Lets just say you put a smile on my face.

Your Fan, Bronte