Friday, August 13, 2010

My favorite song of my vacation

Armand Van Helden samples Boney M and they just say "Barbra Streisand". Its pretty much a perfect recipe, and I love the idea of song just saying THINGS, not sentences but just THINGS you like, like an AUDIO MOOD BOARD and it actually made me happy on the dance floor. Such a basic but genius concept, a disco beat and imagery of things you like... perfect.


Anonymous said...

Oh man...if this doesn't scream "bumping tina at a white party"...
(just kidding!)
I agree that "THING" tracks are "the tea."
It's like, "[insert THING here] as a CONCEPT. Now interpret as you will and REVEL in it." Perfectly open-ended. The "oh god" sample was funny too.
Gays really can be so simple & easy to please sometimes, I think it's great.

Erik said...

Love it- had to download it instantly, and it´ll be my workout song today at the gym along with Freemasons!