Sunday, August 29, 2010

New at Slick It Up: Contour Body Armor

This contour body armor is our first suit that combines the neoflex material with our leather look material. The combination of matte black neoflex and eggshell finish leather look makes for a very masculine and sexy tech look. It also does a great job of molding the body to that most desired super hero look. It has the chest and rear zipper and is available in three sizes :) Its gonna sell out for halloween I know so if you like it get it now.... oh and YES that ass is REAL?! Not only is not made larger in photoshop its like a REAL ASS, no implants or anything, just Puerto Rican genetics peppered into the right places.
Click HERE to get it... the suit... we do our best to get you THAT ass with proper design of this suit, but THIS ASS in particular you cannot have... hes actually straight... BOOOO, I know, but I try and be a good person and hire heterosexuals on occassion, its my good deed of the day.
Photos by Aaron Cobbett


gavin said...

So Cobbett's muse Luis comes to Slick It Up!


I've also noticed your model friend Chase is doing a lot of hot work with other photographers.

Thomas Synnamon:

And Joe Oppedisano:

That little dude is so fucking hot! The. Perfect. Bottom.

If I ever fucked him, I would spontaneously combust.

killerboy24200024 said...

Aye i think u should have more str8 people on ur site bc there MEN too lol but 1st look of this and my black sclera contacts is a Must for everyday and Halloween (Imma Winner "1st comment" That suit is a Must have)

Aaron said...

Hahahaha...funny! Louis loves modeling Slick it Up fashions, once he gets that bod zipped into one of these suits its like magic, the pictures take themselves...

Scott N. said...

Do you offer built in Spanx? How do you prevent girdle spillover?