Sunday, August 29, 2010

Product review: I THINK i might be on STEROIDS

So I decided to start taking Test Revolution again... I took it before and it just made me angry but after feeling extra unmotivated after Spain I thought "Why not", so I started taking them again and I have to say I think they might be one of those products that get taken off the market because it turns out theyre just made of skanky third world steroids and applecores.
I feel like im bigger, im pretty sure I look bigger, I have some pimples starting and Im "fetish horny" and I only get fetish horny on the mones. Now granted I realize I get fetish horny on the mones cause im actually LONELY and afraid to ask for the closeness and intimacy I ACTUALLY want so Ive created wildly fetishistic process in which to receive a simulated version of this ( this process used to be unconscious mind you but now I know why I do it.. though it doesnt necessarily stop me but I do it LESS and I KNOW why I do it so I feel better about it but wish I just had bf that i could trust and hug)... OMG that was HONEST... but I only say it because Im hoping some readers out there can get something out of it because im willing to bet a TON of you out there do something similar for the same reasons...
Anyways, the stuff seems to work but im willing to bet its just mones in disguise, I bought it at Evas on 8th between 5th-6th.


David said...

That's a great articulation of your fetish roots.

..and you have an adorable face for confounded emotional expression.

David Mason said...

Thank you :)

eaten said...

Bitch, I don't need to read your blog and realize I could copy and paste it onto my own. Cease and desist readin' my issues to me.

Nice pic by the way.

But yeah... my fetishes do come out when I'm feeling extra antisocial and needy and want something without a person to take all that I have...


James said...

I don't think "fetish horny" necessarily excludes intimacy; at least the bf and I get that way under similar circumstances and it's not for fear of intimacy ;)

David Mason said...

I totally agree fetish horny doesnt ONLY mean that but for ME, on my OWN it does. If I had a bf and we were "fetish horny" it might just be hot fun... My commentary was by no means an absolute.

Damien Oz said...

I am with you on the fetish horny David.

When my Depression puts me in a funk my sense of intimacy moves from snuggling and kisses to something more primal - usually involving some sort of fetish play - it provides an intimacy of sorts, but it isnt a substitute for the real thing. But i do get the mood.

And you did a step - you asked for it - on your blog - now....... take one more little step and ask someone who you know and trust for a hug... then someone you like for a date and so on.

Baby steps cute stuff.

Laissez Faire said...

Whoa! Nice to see a new side of you. And, just so you know, you are not alone. Now I want to buy one of shirts for birthday this wednesday. Good luck!

gavin said...

Do you think you're angrier and more stand-offish when you're on steroids, so you don't get laid or talked to, so you become even more desperate for intimacy inside, so you become "fetish horny?"

Or do steroids just make you more aggressive, so you aggressively pursue things you like to the extreme?

Maybe the chemicals bring out the fighter and selfishness in people.

Selfishness is GREAT for sex, I'm all for it.

Alejandro said...

Keep your chin up! You're not the only one looking for someone special and trustworthy!

Hulkling said...

so im new to your blog and all...but i gotta say your fantastic, and your topics are all over the place which is a good change of pace.

Also, im with you on the whole fetish thing in times of feeling less than comfortable. Although i usually just go get some ink or something pierced in situations of distress. I feel like my internernal goings on and pain and stuff should match externally and then fade. It's not really the brightest idea.

Also,(and finally) your adorable, and you gonna find an equally awesome man to be with who you can trust. Im sure theres someone out there for ya, its what im hoping for myself anyway

Edward said...

I know where you're coming from

my fetishy horny side is imagining being abused and fucked by nasty men. It doesn't go away if you have a bf but it ebbs and flows

If you're interested in exposing yourself (in a more intimate sense) maybe you could have sex without the mask (both literal and figural, love it) Rimseat guy sounded fun

By the way I had a dream about you. You were tied up and dressed as He-man and I had a Skeletor mask on. You've entered my subconcious

Good luck on your journey