Thursday, August 26, 2010

Proof that the concept of heaven is not really thought out fully ... Heaven would get old quick.

La has the same beautiful day for the most part every day, its almost heaven. When I lived there I would have made this clip, now I only have time to sit here pie eyed and study it. If I lived in LA making this would have been SOMETHING to do. When you live in LA where the weather is IDEAL and never changes as a creative person you get a little "weird" because you cant just sit there complacently, which I think is good, but I think its why the concept of the "Hollywood weirdo" exists. Its the combination of a high population of creative people, a strong presence of extreme wealth, a super heavy media/ fantasy presence, lots of room to make stuff, a high quality of life at a cheap price, mixed with the same weather every day... EASY LIVING. I also think its why theyre so heavily tattooed, and into trends and the vanities. The quality of life makes it easy to be BORED with themselves so you get tattoos or surgery or dye your hair because its the equivalent of DOODLING in the margins of your notebook in MATH CLASS... youre BORED and deeply effected by media and the cool kids..
Im glad I moved. Im NOT saying New York is better by any means but what I am saying is because New York is so expensive, and you have to be on your feet all the time to survive that I just dont have time for the LUXURY of INSANITY and SLOTH...but now I make money. Its very easy in LA to become "soft" and "kookoo".... but I think I prefer being hard and kookoo.... Though Im not so wrapped up in NYC and think I wanna live half the year in europa... just a thought.

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Anonymous said...

wow. It's like crank yankers meets a really bad tranny prelim. If these are the "dream projects" I get stuck with in heaven I'd rather get stuck in hell.