Thursday, August 12, 2010

That unicorn will never die?!?!

This is a tranny incarnation by Dax..
Im beginning to think I should make a lot of money from this unicorn thing as its just everywhere now... maybe if I put it out into the universe I will... "UNIVERSE, I want a lot of money from this idea and other ideas, please give me a million dollars as fast as possible!"
Like why arent I doing ads in Japan for Coke as the unicorn... Just sayin' Im available.


gavin said...

Your unicorn has been knocked off!

Alejandro said...

You really need to run with the unicorn! I came across an image by chance, and loved it. First thought was "How can I make my own outfit?!"

I posted a copy on Facebook and it got a ton of responses, including someone sending me the link to buy the poster. Best thing to come out of it though, was that my straight Marine buddy started out thinking it was too gay, but got on board when I said we could make him a powder blue version. Now he's into it! I try not to look his wife in the eye when I suggest these kinds of things.