Friday, August 27, 2010

Who CANT use a wall tentacle..

Though I have to say I wish it were gold metal or carved out of wood and black... but i assume this is just one of my design phases... Click HERE to buy it, its reasonably priced for the workmanship involved. I wish it was more like a decorative piece and less of a "prop" though... I mean I could buy it and paint it black but... I dunno then I feel Like id be ruinging it. I think the artist should use this for a mold and cast it and sell 100 of them .... Its be nice in white resin too..... "Knights in white satin"


gavin said...


But I wouldn't use it in your place, because you already have too many other freaky pieces. It would be redundant and predictable there.

It's perfect for an otherwise stodgy, normal and conservative environment, as in the photo.

It makes a real statement, it's powerfully hilarious and it's the "star" of the room!

Sue said...

Major cool!

Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

Wall tentacles are so 2009 the late summer/early fall months.

What's really cool right now are wall testicles - the greater the variety, the better.

I, myself, have a powder room kitted out with the nut sacs of wooly mammoth, sabretooth tiger, my trial lawyers, one ex-husband and a couple of mincing interns who now sing arias on command.

If you'll excuse me, I have to sharpen my hedge clippers...I have a date later and an empty spot near the hand towels.

Martha Stewart

Anonymous said...

Martha's got real balls!