Friday, September 24, 2010

The Chamberlain Hotel in West Hollywood just redid its rooms

Im totally into them. I love its 80s, sorta memphis, futuristic, deco design. It seems very "Bespin" the cloud city in Empire Strikes Back, versus a perfume shop in Flash gordon, versus a former gay guys house in west hollywood.
They claim the pool area is redone, but it doesnt look any different to me.. I want more of that periwinkle and checkerboard and weirdo "Beetlejuice art" from the rooms put up there.... an asymmetrical topiary would be a nice touch.. or no WAIT.. a square tree topiary with a HOLE CUT THROUGH IT in the upper right corner would be SPOT ON! ... and only like 5 years to make... and killed in 5 weeks as 47 different lindsey lohan types pour their cocktail in it as they stagger back to their room to do coke and get nailed by an armenian dude from the valley whos dad owns laundromats.


brando said...

Trish (after snorting her last line): "But I thought Ando was an Italian name?!? Where is Armenia? Does that mean he's an Arab?"

Nicky (rubbing the rest on her gums): "Who the fuck cares, I like his car."

David Mason said...

Its SO his dads car.