Sunday, September 12, 2010

Creature that is more fierce than you of the day: Meg Mucklebones

probably the best monster in a movie ever in my opinion.


gavin said...

That's how I dispatch trolls, too!

There's a moment in that film where Tom Cruise stuffs his naked knee into a noisy dwarf's mouth to shut him up.

It's one of my earliest, erotic memories :)

Dean said...

back when Tom was a normal kid. That was a great monster

Tom said...

not related to Fierce but thought you might find this article owning Gaga interesting (the author echoes the sentiments you expressed in an earlier post)
BTW love's me some baby Cruise

David Mason said...

Well that was IN DEPTH... Im glad the Camille Paglia and I share the same thoughts... Ish.

fang said...

it still sfreaks my brain even now to think that dear sweet ol' Meg was played by Robert Picardo - better known for his portrayal as the Enterprise's holographic doctor in Voyager!

i fucking love this film to death - Tim Curry is just a powerhouse in this, and SIR, you're right about this scene. i've yet to see any film come close to the make-up effects utlised in this.

i just so wish they'd release it already on blu-ray. they release so much crap on blu-ray nobody wants to see, yet truly great films languish gethering dust and being forgotten or unseen by noobs!

brando said...


AwareGBM said...

Old Meg Mucklebones knew what she liked. She saw those healthy thighs and she couldn't let him just walk by. Jack knew he was stacked from the waste down.