Saturday, September 4, 2010

Deep fried cupcakes is TRYORY

Sorry but thats just trying too hard to cash in on a trend, BOO.. FAKER!!!...Stop lying that a cupcake is better with grease on it! If I wanted that effect I'd put french fries on top. This may be culturally insensitive but Im from the north east and though its just as skank as other places (except we do have books), its not exactly the deep fried capitol of the US. I dont think I even had something deep fried that wasnt a potato till I moved away to Minnesota- I remember the first time I saw "Deep fried cheese curds!" at the Minnesota State Fair (where I went BY MYSELF to see Dolly Parton in concert!) I didnt even know what a cheese curd was.... I know this sounds bitchy but deep fried object that isnt normally served that way just seems tacky and like deliberately trying to be gross and the novelty has worn off. Stop doing it, your false white trash charm is TIRED.


Aaron said...

Get used to it, cupcakes are hot and just getting hotter, right up there with having obscenely large numbers of kids and new jersey.

David Mason said...

Ugh can this NEW JERSEY phase PLEASE END?!?! UGH?! There are at least 5 jersey based shows on now... just lame.. i tihnk there are too many channels, for real.

Lucien said...

Leave the deep fat frying to us pros down here down South . There is nothing better in the world than fried catfish and Okra !
Even though we fry lots of things here -
Screw the cupcakes- thats just so uncouth

Ted said...

I agree with Lucien. I mean, at the Texas State Fair they serve up deep fried BUTTER, among all kinds of other things. Hey, did you notice the blue Fiesta plate? (See--I really am gay.)