Sunday, September 5, 2010

Prince just wagged his tongue suggestively at me when I was 13... Thank you Prince for keeping it real.

Prince is hyper vigilant about not letting his stuff on youtube. Someone put this up and Ive been waiting forever, Im sure it will be gone soon. I could not believe it but a good friend of mine who is the same age as me had NEVER HEARD OF IT ?!?! I dont know how this is possible?! Batdance was EVERYTHING!!! the army of FAKE VICKY VALES IN TUBE DRESSES?! Prince defiantly simulating CUNNI (or ANAL) lingus... to HIMSELF .. AND ME?! I had the CASSINGLE and once made myself nauseous for about an hour when I bet my friend that I could dance as hard as possible, moving every part of my body while she drove around the parking lot of the MALL..IN HER PINTO, and I DID and this song is LONGER THAN YOU THINK and I was so sick afterward I think its what people who have seizures feel afterward... I'll never forget it! Lesson learned!? Next time I promise to dance as hard as possible in a pinto I'll be sure its not an EXTENDED MIX!

p.s I just watched the video in its entirety... What a weird piece a shit. :)


UndieHunk said...

OMG! You have so been in my head lately. It's freaking me out! Everytime you post something it's like a Flashback in my brain! It's seems everytime you post I can totally realate to it or understand it like it was something I was thinking in my own head, or have expericenced. Like I Swear I seen you in Pavillions in L.A. in the 80's wearing your fierce Mugler (Mooglar), I lived my 80's & 90's at that damn store. And fun memories of going to "SYREN" having so much fun trying on all the Rubber and leaving all full of Talc Powder & Sweat. And lately I have been feeling like I need something to boost my T and if I try to be leaner I loose my Chest Arms & Ass. Not like I ever had abs anyway. So Juciy Ripeness is the way to go! Then you mention Stacey Q, In the early 90's my good friend lived about 4 houses down from her she told me story's about her having family BBQ's and performing for them at these party's. Everyone in the neighborhood could hear "Two of Hearts". And About Disneyland since I live in California & I am Half Mexican. I no longer but have had a Disneyland pass for many years and would go alot but I would get my sister & partner to gay it up for disney not total club kid style but enough bright color to get the heads to turn it was my kinda quiet "Fuckyou". and to put an end to this on going novel of a response the Prince batdance was such a such a funny thing to me. my friend & I used to laugh at the whole army of FAKE VICKY VALES, it was supposed to be "Hot" "Sexy" & "Cool" And with the samples saying "Vicky Vale" but at the same time it was so Horribly Halarious. and OMG! My friend had a "Pinto" I can't tell you how many times my ass was dragged around in that ugly brown car but you could be sure I was dancing my ass off to extended cassingles. like "I,I,I, Need You!, Two of Hearts". Oh the Memories. Keep on Visiting my Brain, Stay awhile, oh the fun we could have ;)

Gregory said...

I would play Prince really LOUD on the Music Express ride at the amusement park I worked at, LOVED it! Drove everyone crazy though, those were the days when big hair bands were deemed "cool." Americans sure have no sense of what is cool I tell ya.

David Mason said...

Hey Undie hunk, so glad you appreciate the blog!
and Gregory thats SO AWESOME you used to work the "music express" at out theme park it was the cannonball express and the other park it was the flying bobs... DREAM JOB!

fang said...

Prince's original plan was to have Jack Nicholson, Kim Basinger and Michael Keaton in the video, but Warner Bros put paid to that quick sharpish - so as an 'f.u' he decided he'd create 'Gemini' that wierd-assed split personality character in the video and multiple Vicky Vales etc. Not that it worked of course, but that's Prince 4 U (see what I did there?)

Ironically, the Batman album saved his ass at the time after almost breaking the bank with the previous years Lovesexy tour (which let me tell you, until I saw U2's '360' tour last year, had yet to be beaten visually - no small feat!)

Shame his output not is pretty much pants - I was an uber fan from 1983 until around 2002. I caught about 7 of the 02 gigs in London however back in 2007, as the guy always knocks it out of the ball park live, and seeing Amy Winehouse walk out and sing 'Love Is A Losing Game' with Prince on guitar at one of the aftershows will live with me forever!