Thursday, September 9, 2010

I think "Classy or preppy" is a TRAP and you should open yourself up to other looks!

I used to be a total prep... and it SUCKED. I was raised by my mother and my sister and they were classy ladies. Classy is GREAT... for a lady, it plays to their advantage, and as a baby gay I followed along, but I shouldnt have. I feel like because gay sexuality doesnt come into your life until youre older, because in most cases youre simply not allowed to when youre young, you end up following this pattern that you normally never would if you were straight and were allowed to express your sexulaity. So as a baby gay you play this "preppy", "classy", "fashiony" game as though its a good idea, when it really is just a system set up by and for women and by playing it youre being totally deprived of your right to the POWER OF SEX.
As a teen I wanted a gold chain because I thought it was sexy, but my mother said it was "tacky" and so of course I did NOT get one and talked shit about them even though I TOTALLY WANTED ONE. Now as an adult I LOVE my gold chain. In fact I call the time I bought it my "GOLD CHAIN MOMENT". See, the hot pizza guy in the MALL wore one and I totally liked it. The pizza guy was a DUDE and had SEX APPEAL. As a baby gay youre not allowed to have ANY OF THIS where straight kids are, sure you could fake it but I didnt I played the CLASSY CARD.. either way it sucks because youre natural sexuality is STIFLED. Men having sex appeal throws women for a LOOP and they usually (not all women of course) HATE IT because it takes them and their game and pulls the carpet out from underneath it all and gives YOU the advantage. Women do NOT want you (or other women) to have more power especially the POWER OF SEX because it renders them powerLESS, so they develop this artifice called CLASS to keep your sexual identity repressed and thus keeping you castrated and DOWN. Those who have CLASS dont have SEX POWER because its supposedly "cheap" but thats just NAME CALLING by JEALOUS TERRIFIED PRUDES.. its a TRAP... Sex power is WAY BETTER, its NATURAL and fun and free and what you really want. If you have "sex power" women are then put in the position of the person who has to DO the desiring and are no longer the OBJECT OF DESIRE, where THEY want to be because then they have the power. So if YOU have it they are FUCKED, and contrary to popular belief most women actually DONT LIKE YOU, they want a CASTRATED MALE to make them feel powerful (the gay friend to a girl is little more than her chihuahua in my mind. Its not until youre like 26 that you realize this). If you have the power of sex then you have BIG BALLS and it sucks for THEM, but NOT YOU?!
Im only writing this because I grew up totally castrated by women basically and now in my adulthood I realized one day... "Those chicks were KEEPING ME DOWN?!" yes they loved me, but they can love me as a DUDE too! Its funny because its very tricky. They want you as a DUDE but as a CASTRATED DUDE that plays the game by THEIR rules, and if you or I were straight we'd kinda HAVE TO but being that were GAY, we DONT. So if youre comfortable GO FOR IT. I dont know how many times I've heard a friend say "My mother thinks I look too muscular " Or " My sister made fun of my mustache" or "My mom hates my tattoo" ... YOURE NOT FUCKING YOUR MOTHER?! Not to mention I think most women SECRETLY want you to have the power anyways.. THE WOMAN IN ME WANTS YOU TO!?! :) Buy the gold chain, buy the earring, get muscles, whatever you want ... ITS OK TO BE A DUDE. Now mind you being a FULL QUEEN is FIERCE, but I only write this because I see these baby gays walking around in like these preppy get ups and I just FEEL BAD, because I know their playing this game that only sets them up for failure and dont have any friends that are "free". Dudes, its ok to be a little sexy and a little tacky, its hot... its ok to have balls. No man cares if youre classy. I SURE DONT. I want a dude, and a dude for me is able to go from dude to full queen to prep to sleazy, all of it. Im not saying preppy is BAD, im just saying if youre ONLY this YOURE MISSING OUT. The only person that is gonna judge you for being a STUD and having the POWER OF SEX is NERVOUS AND JEALOUS WOMEN ( or gays that basically are women)... and what the hell do you care about them?! Youre a dude who likes dick, and the dick you like likes dudes too! So dont play by someone elses rules that dont even apply to your culture...
:) Have your "gold chain moment", youll thank me later. Oh and this all said I want to be sure you didnt skip my line about the MIX of it being ideal because nothing is more annoying then a dude who is giving ALL DUDE ALL THE TIME, ugh I think youre retarded and insane if you do. Guys who talk about how much their into sports on their profiles get ignored because theyre FAKERS...
OH and can I just say DUDES WHO GET ALL PORNO STYLE AND HYPER OVER THE TOP MASCULINE WHEN THEY CUM MAKE ME WANNA BEAT THEM UP AND CALL THEM A FAG?!.... that tryory just makes me roll my eyes and hand them the towel as fast as possible... Please leave my home now you person who cant even escape your gay shame for the SECOND you spend ejaculating?! ... ugh... Now I feel bad for you but still want you to leave soon.


Lucien said...

Your preppie tirade is so good. Being from the conservative South PREPPY was the only way to be if you waned to survive in the social world of high school with your peers
Remember that paperback fun book THE PREPPIE HANDBOOK. It was supposed to make fun of the rich preppy looks - hell we were so stupid we thought is was our teaching aid to TRY and be more preppie :-(

Thanks Dave for the learning curve here :)

raul1188 said...

and thank you!

Shinobi Phoenix said...

See also: "Why my mother hates my fauxhawk?" and other stories about prudes who pull the "your look makes me feel uncomfortable about myself, so change it." bullcrap.

As someone from a Southern based family (though I was thankfully raised in the North and have never spoken with a Southern accent, must more of a Jerseyian-British hybrid), I regularly was pushed toward the preppie, refined look. It still worked while being raised in NJ and I'm actually ok with it still, but everytime I wanted to do something else or have days I just didn't give a fuck, my mother often would throw up a "I didn't raise you that way" sign.

A few years ago, while I was living in Ohio, I cut my hair into a fauxhawk on a fluke and kept it because I liked it. She bitched the entirety that I had it and the second time I had it this year while I was in Britain. Threatening to stalk me with some clippers behind me... because the best and most appropriate way to respond to someone's hairstyle you don't like is to COMMIT ASSAULT with a weapon.

Let me tell you, a tall black man in Germany and Britain with a fauxhawk. You get some ass thrown at you.

Thanks for reminding me that I'm not alone.

dennis said...

very insightful.
i wonder if this is the kind of stuff they teach you in a course on genderstudies...

when is your book coming out? i'd buy it.

David Mason said...

Glad you guys appreciate it :) Thank you :)

Holly said...

I read this last night and my head almost exploded so I had to have a good night sleep and come back to it. You are so right on. Women do this to EVERYONE. And it's like a small group, like in high school, can control the whole system. I am not paranoid enough to think they actually have secret meetings, but it's some sort of collective unconsciousness and the try to de-sexualize EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. If a new mom shows up at school and her clothes are a little sexy i.e. make her look like a woman, they collectively exclude her and her kid. It's so wrong. I personally have super powers and can avoid this because I am aware of it, but tryory is right.

And don't even get me started about gay friends. My best friend happens to be a gay man and I actually had a woman say to me, "Oh! I wanna gay bestie!" I was like what the fuck? My friend and I have been friends for 20+ years and he is NOT my sidekick or accessory. Ugh. Like she was actively seeking a gay man to be friends with. Anyway, as usual, you are right on.

Dave for president.

Sorry to go on and on, but this rankled my nerves.

David Mason said...

Wow, Thanks Holly! It is so true what you say too, I mean go to Upstate ny the women for the most part have COMPLETELY lost their sex. all of them look like bull dykes which is a sex power if you happen to be a bull dyke BUT THEYRE NOT?! Its bizarre ALL the moms look like lesbians, none of them have a drip of feminine wiles and I think this is one of the reasons why.

Kurt Walters said...

Funny thing here is, you've put into words something I've felt for many years around girlfriends.. it became particularly evident to me when I became very good friends with an actress known for her vampy, send up of 40's gun mol babes.. she enjoys going to gay dives with me, and is a ton of fun to be with, yet when the topic of my 'conquests', prowess, SMELL, come up.. everything's met with a wrinkled up-turned nose, and a 'Ew, that's gross.' comment..

I've pegged her on the dichotomy.. on one hand she wants a cave man to club her over the head and drag her back to his cave, yet when I exhibit said tendencies, it's gross and should e stopped..

uh, guess what sister? I'll stick with the dudes, who like my size, smell, and don't play games, until we're naked.. being a fag is sometimes just a lot easier.

gavin said...

Dear David,

I don't respect or relate to guidos. I don't like their culture, I don't like their music, I don't like their clothing, I don't like their opinions, I don't want to hang out with them and I certainly don't want to look like them.

Sure, I like to have sex with them. And I do. Sure, I might watch more episodes of JERSEY SHORE -- for the hot bodies and to judge them. To make fun of a crew of douchebag, knuckle-dragging idiots.

But they're only good for one thing -- a good pounding; maybe.

I'm not going to waste my FULL-TIME LIFE dressing like them, trying to appeal to them or their fans, conforming to their ridiculous tattoos, Ed Hardy T-shirts and petrified hair shells; beating up girls and the men they lost girls to, jacking off to SCARFACE, glorifying a Catholic Church that enslaves and exploits them for life after molesting them as boys, measuring their manliness and status by how many city blocks-full of people they can WAKE UP AT 4 A.M. with SKULL-CRUSHING, BULLET BIKE ANTI-MUFFLER ENHANCEMENTS, or otherwise pretending I care about any of the garbage they value.

They're just not worth the effort of impressing OR being.

We may meet on Manhunt or a glory hole and have a fun time together.

But we'll go our separate ways after that because they're just blunt instruments with a very different style who don't belong with me in any other way.

Maybe that puts me in another class, and YES I'M A SNOB.

But since when has every type of person HAD TO GET INTO EVERY OTHER TYPE OF PERSON?

Should they? It's impossible.

I'm no prude, I'm not a woman and I love casual sex. I'm not playing a game where I need a boyfriend to provide for me.

So there are other factors at play here -- like BASIC SOCIAL INCOMPATIBILITY WITH DOUCHEBAGS.

And that's the Situation.

Brad said...

TRUTH! Wow. You totally nailed something I've been thinking about and confronting in my life for awhile now. Your comments about growing up gay and the women in our life trying to castrate us is so on point. And the self-hate, "class" bullshit that turns us into eunuchs is again right on the money. A few years back I just said "fuck it", but it's a process of re-education. I'm ranting, but basically GREAT FUCKIN POST!

John Russell said...

This is absolutely NOT what you'd be taught in a course on Gender Studies. This tirade is laughably ignorant and misogynist. I'm curious what world David Mason lives in that he seems so unaware of the ways sexism and misogyny work, the ways in which women's desire and sexuality are policed and the concept of "class" as a tool of socio-economic oppression.

David Mason said...

Pah hah , I graduated with honors from Cal Arts babe and took every gender studies course that was available.... Im just honest and I think 9 out of 10 readers agree.
You are sooo THAT personality type, that one from the nineties, you know the one that was ALWAYS angry and ALWAYS politically correct. ... you know the one from the DREAMWORLD that thinks if theyre pc/angry/always fighting anything theyre somehow "good" and "right"... the world just doesnt work that way and Ive seen you a thousand times. This is less about the topic at hand for you and more about your rage... Get into it, just be honest, cause that commentary was not, you might think it was but sorry its old and Ive heard it and its just tired.. youll thank me the sooner you move on and get honest with yourself.

David Mason said...

ps freelance writer???... I mean really... Kid, I dont wanna be mean... but just stop. I wouldnt be this cruel if I didnt have 4 years of excruciating experience with your personality type... ugh... go away youre SO CLICHE and DISHONEST.
Do you REALLY think Im falling for it? Do you really think youre new? I gag, I really gag, I really thought ten years out of the 90s the world had changed and for the most part I think it has as I see fewer and fewer of this type but ugh, I had to deal with the TRYORY of this FAUX MARTYR. You are a RICH WHITE KID with the PRIVILEGE of a NEGATIVE OPINION... UGH... the worst. I can honestly say I hate this personality the most and its why modern art is so disingenuous and why I dont follow it. Lies lies lies to give PEOPLE WHO DONT HAVE TO WORK feel like they have a sense of purpose because they have the LUXURY OF COMPLAINT...
Boo, go away, you faker.

David Mason said...

And before I take my shower?! lol i LOVe how you call ME a misogynist, on my own personal blog mind you, when youre clearly here oggling naked men... Yes kid.. IM THE BAD ONE.. youre the savior.. contradictory mother fucking bullshit.. Im sorry readers I just have SUCH issue with this, CLEARLY, I just love gutting these people when they come for me. The contradiction plus pious attitude makes me INSANE. what is funny is this personality type sees themselves as totally different then some horrible preacher that hates gays but they ARENT. theyre just the opposite side of THE SAME COIN... and now I am going to take my bath :)

Holly said...

Dear Dave,

Stop oppressing me. LOL.

Dear Mr. Russell,

Although I doubt you have the balls to come back to this site after your bitch slapping, I HAD to say something. I am so happy your "genders studies" course informed you about how women have been mistreated throughout history and that you feel free to call David a misogynist, but PLEASE. You have no FUCKING clue. And I hate to pull the whole unless you've lived it you don't know, but a dude in NYC has NO clue what it's like for a girl in the real world, and NO, NYC is not the real world. Sorry. So I am happy you think you know all and how WOMEN act as a group and I hoped you enjoyed THE RED TENT at your book club, but you don't know and Dave is honest and CORRECT and not a misogynist, he's just correct.

Now I have to go wash my husband's feet with my hair.

David Mason said...

Thank you Holly, Im glad you could see through it and see it for what I meant and not some knee jerk reaction.

willnyc said...

I was raised by my grandmother and had dominating older sister.... I moved out to college when I turned 18 and never went back there to live only to visit. Took me years to unlearn all their seriously castrating ways.

greatnorthdude said...

hey David

great posting! I rarely ever respond to these but this one really clicked with me. I was a scrawny little mama's boy who was, in retrospect, a little close to his mother and grandmother. so much so that I feel they kind of cheated me out of some aspects of a normal "boyhood" when I got a little older and wanted to express my masculinity, I feel they kind of squashed my attempts. I remember wanting to wear some sports jerseys or the chachi type look with the open shirt and chain, but they always remarked on how "tacky" it was and "where did my little genteleman get to"

I remember that I finally bought some of the clothes that I wanted and then would go to a mall on the other side of town where no one knew me and wear them - just to see if I could get away with it. I couldn't at school, because by that time I was typecast as kind of a prep and would just get laughed at because no one bought it.

but I especially remember one time when I put on a pair of skin tight jeans (was the 80s lol) and a skin tight old school Gold's gym t shirt with a gold chaing and strutted around that mall. I got all kinds of admiring looks... from both girls and guys. it made me feel so butch and powerful lol.

anyways, thanks for the posting and keep up the great work both with this blog and Slick It Up. I love your stuff and plan to wear it on as many occasions as I can. I even wore your black and gold Slick it up shirt to a bar here and had all sorts of guys say how cool and hot it looked!

and just ignore the pseudo intellectual blah blah blah rantings of the the one that called you misogynyst. it's not about hating women, it's just about the pride in BEING MEN that gay men also have every right to feel. good on you!

Randall in Canada

David Mason said...

Thanks Randall, Im glad you get it! Thats how I felt too!!!