Friday, September 10, 2010

Its "fashions night out" here in NYC... nobodys buying it..

This clip reminds me of the back of the Gi Joe action figure box. I loved how the back of the box for Gi Joes had the stats and abilities and where the characters were from etc, this is basically the same thing. Though I have to say Im over being interested in models, I sorta dont know why I ever cared as a kid, but that said I still watched this entire thing... Its certainly better then watching ACTORS pretend theyre models.. Not that I could give a shit about a womens grocery store magazine, but tired Vogue is something gays still talk about, so will someone fire Anna Wintour. Shes just BORING and OLD and I honestly dont even think on the pulse of the MASSES which everyone uses as their excuse as to why shes there. Shes tired and I dont want her influencing women anymore.... and celebrities shouldnt be models, thats just tacky ...and SHORT.

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gavin said...

Marc Jacobs just called.

He wants to know how tall is the Baroness?