Friday, September 3, 2010

NO, Ive never done it with any of the models?!...

Someone asked me this today and they were not the first. So Im assuming you guys may think I have. So just so you know, I havent. I licked one of their buttholes once, but just ONE LAP, not even a rim and I was just an innocent victim because he stuck it in my face and practically MADE ME or said he was gonna say mean things to me and others!
:) So yeah Im a gentleman thank you very much, and I dont wanna compromise the models integrity, or make them feel like theyre free to be taken advantage of. I think theyre professionals. ... Very sexy, slinky, spandex clad professionals.


Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

I know I always lick a butthole when people threaten to say mean things about me which is why they call me Charmin around here.

I read a study recently that explored the defense mechanisms of gay men and titans of homemaking and licking buttholes ranked #2, so to speak.

Your reaction was perfectly normal.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to buy a new tongue scraper.

Martha Stewart

Pick said...

Excellent "tongue scraper" to be found at Williams Sonoma. "And THAT'S a good thing!" ;o)

Lucien said...

Well it begs the question in your modeling start - Did any photographers ever compromise you ?

David Mason said...

No, They never did, but I barely ever worked so who knows?! :)

Erik said...

Somehow that sounds like a threat Francois might make :) but the boy bander Quentin would be hot too :)