Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sith in the City actually made me laugh out loud.. that GROSS shawl ?!

How much does everyone HATE Sex In The City now? All the gays have turned on their fag hag friend, and Im fine with it, though I AM suspect of those who talk shit about it now and I know they happened to have the BOARD GAME on their shelf! I was always "EH" about it. I admit I watched some of it. It was super shitty acting ( the brown haired girl is mind bogglingly bad), some styling that opened up peoples minds, some good stuff for gay recognition in general, but the worst part of it all was its fans. How many TENS OF THOUSANDS of TWATS moved here thinking they were going to be one of those girls only to move away as soon as the lease on their SHIT BOX RIP OFF apartment was up... and it wasnt SOON ENOUGH!? If you were to say you liked the show nowadays you may as well tag "and I also like to RAPE THE ELDERLY AND PHYSICALLY DECREPIT" on the end of it because everyone will pretty much hate you the same way anyways....


Avenjer said...

Yes, it wasn't Shakespeare or earth shattering--but then again what is? "Seinfeld?" "Friends?" It did change the straight dating world a bit. Concepts like "he's just not that in to you" and "Frienemies" and "couples looking down on single people" or "living your life by your own terms and no one else's" although these concepts were around, they were not shouted openly or common public knowledge. Now 12 year olds are armed with this info before they even start dating thanks to the show. And straight guys paid attention to the show even though they hated it, as a way of figuring out what to do and what not to do, to get into a girls pants. Before the show, guys were pretty clueless--afterward--they know not to break up on a post-it. I agree though about those who moved to NY and thought they were going to be the "new" Carrie. So silly. It's just a tv show people---parts are fantasy--not real life. But every show has a little fantasy to it. But the Pat Field fashion was flawless and more then opened up the fashion options available to the planet now. Before SATC in 1998, you saw the same "one type" of look in retail aimed at one type of girl year after year. And since, (because the show had more than one type of girl) they aim at ten types of looks for ten types of girls---even in hick town malls!!! More options for everybody. As a gay guy in the closet when the show started (and completely out now) I got a lot out of it. I got to see different points of view on dating/sex in current modern 00's with no filter (thanks to HBO) on the issues of sex and dating. So it helped make up for all those closeted years of not dating and the bad dates with the loser guys I missed. I had their bad dating experiences to go by and recognize the signs of "shitty boyfriend ahead." I wished there had been more of a gay angle than just Standford Blatch--but that's what "Queer as Folk" was for I guess (also NOT Shakespeare.) Anyway, I liked it, and still do. So everyone can hate on me all they want. I'll be the only one in the theater watching SATC movie 3 when it comes out I guess :)

gavin said...

True, the film sequel was an unbelievable train wreck that just might have sunk the franchise.

But I admit, the episodes of the TV I saw were often really funny.

gavin said...

Dear Avenjer,

HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU was a hit self-help book from 2004 and "Frienemies" is from MEAN GIRLS.

I don't recall them being mentioned on SATC, but they were wildly popular and publicized on their own.

"straight guys paid attention to the show even though they hated it, as a way of figuring out what to do and what not to do, to get into a girls pants."

Who? Name one straight guy and how SATC taught him how to score chicks.

As if the nelly fags who write SEX AND THE CITY know the first thing about seducing women!

I feel bad for any straight guy who mistook Samantha for REAL, BELIEVABLE WOMEN and now thinks all he has to do is whip his cock out in front of them whilst delivering packages for UPS.

Avenjer said...

LOL. Again, I said the show was NOT Shakespeare. But for Gavin, here are the facts from a quick google search:

"He's Just Not That Into You" is a self-improvement book written by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo that was published in 2004 and later adapted into a film by the same name. The book was INSPIRED by an episode of "Sex and the City" (which the authors wrote) titled "Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little," in which Miranda Hobbes asks Carrie Bradshaw's boyfriend, Jack Berger, to analyze the post-date behavior of a potential love interest."

Also the authors repeatedly said in interviews that the book came out of the plot line of that episode of SATC which they wrote. Oh, and neither Greg or Liz is a gay nelly fag and yet they somehow wrote for the show, along with about six other straight women whom are also not nelly fags I'm assuming. I'm sure you can find info about them online and yes, Darren Star and Michael Patrick King wrote the first season and yes they are gay.

"Frenemies" according to wikipedia "The word has appeared in print as early as 1953"

I said the show had concepts not shouted openly or common public knowledge, I didn't say SATC invented frenemies or invented anything for that matter---but as for frenemies invention---"mean girls" apparently didn't invent it either if the word has been around since 1953.

And as for straight guys who liked the show and scored points with their girlfriend from it, here's one:

And I'm sure with more googling you can find more examples. And I do remember HBO doing a behind the scenes and straight guys talking about secretly watching the show to better understand women. And yeah, I know a few straight guys who picked up tips from the show, that may be hard to believe but it's true. Anyway, there you have it. It was a fun show. And it was also listed as one of the "top 100 tv shows of all time."

Mathieu said...

I just moved to the city but had never seen any of it before, and I watched a bit and kind of liked it from a historical perspective. Although I kind of keep it to myself because of this prevailing attitude that it's passe and not so amazing anymore that I get from gays here (like you say). It's still better than a lot of the rubbish on TV now though IMO. I've only seen season 1 yet though.