Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stacey Q used to be fake Japanese but now shes just fake white.

I used to live with her "backup singer" and on the last day I ever saw him he confided to me, as though it was his death bed, that Stacey is SECRETLY MEXICAN?! Which meant nothing to me, but in California where its basically a white power nazi state with a smile, saying someone is Mexican is basically saying their mother might be the slave you pay to clean your house. I have to say I love California but the last few times I went to Disneyland I got these ICY glances by these HORRID WHITE CUNTS that I never felt before, and my friend who is basically the nicest most fun person ever said she just went there a week ago and felt the same thing... I think the heat is getting way turned up on the mexican/white thing in California and the rich conservative white people who like hating everyone are having a real hard time with it and are NOT feeling the gays or the Mexicans and CERTAINLY DO NOT wanna see them at Disneyland "the happiest place on earth" even though its gays and Mexicans who built it and run it.


Holly said...

Maybe they were just staring at you because they thought you were cute.

David Mason said...

ummm no. :)