Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dont read this if you wanna have a nice day in NYC...I want my blog to be a fun place where people can go to enjoy themselves ... BUT

Ive been holding off writing something about this for a while since I saw the now famed Carl Paladino hate speech on the news. I didnt want to write anything BUT I just keep seeing the footage and I have to say something. Everyone is coming out about how awful Carl Paladino is.... but saying NOTHING about the Orthodox Jews who not only supplied a space for his public hatred but then CHEER after his HITLERESQUE hate speach?!
UMMMM Am I the only one who is like " WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING YOUR UNCLE JUST GOT TOSSED IN A GAS CHAMBER FOR BEING NOTHING BUT HIMSELF AND YOUR STIRRING UP A HATE RALLY?!?!?" I mean I dunno, but by their behavior they may as well say that the holocaust was a MYTH?! Did they learn nothing?!? I mean I cannot believe their behavior, its disgusting and revolting. You would think a community who has such close experience with the horrors of blind hatred would be the most loving and open minded people of the world?! I mean Franco dominated Spain for years and because of it they are now the most open and accepting culture I have ever experienced, yet the Orthodox Jews are sending the gays to the death camp?!?
Of course I am sure that those people do NOT represent all Orthodox Jews and most New york jews I know arent really all that wrapped up in what the Orthodox jews do but YUCK, Im DISGUSTED and I WILL NOT be quiet about it! I will NOT support ANY Orthodox business ever again! I encourage you to do the same... What a horrible and insulting disgrace and embarrassment they are to not only the Jewish community but to HUMANS in general!... its awful, just awful. Oh and ps Im not exactly doing backflips over Roman Catholics and their hate either... Ive just already talked about how much the HATE HAPPY members of their troops suck as well.


gavin said...

There is no excuse for their barbaric doctrine in this day and age, nor any attempt to force their religion-motivated dictums on all Americans.

But distinguish and take pity on the pro-gay Orthodox Jews and stay involved with them.

There are some Orthodox Jews who disregard teachings of their religion they disagree with or know better than to abuse the law to make everyone conform to their beliefs.

They're just like Catholics (though friendly liberals are a much bigger portion of the Catholics than Orthodox Jews, for sure).

Les Incroyables said...

I'm really shocked by such ignorance.
There's not much about this in german news, but what I read makes me really sad.

PS: Hi ;)


youreviltwin said...

ok, i tried to respond to this post three different ways already, and i'm just going off over and over. i'm just going to say real quick:

'never again' is bullshit, and genocides have happened over and over again since WWII, but apparently those don't count for some reason, or they weren't as bad as the holocaust somehow.

gays were rounded up right along with the jews during the holocaust, and castrated, tortured, killed, et al. pink triangles, yeah?

israel is perpetrating a massive ethnic cleaning in palestine right now, and have been for decades at this point, and no ethnic cleansing isn't genocide (although genocide is basically the 'kill em all' approach to ethnic cleansing) but pro-zionism is in large part an endorsement of systematic persecution, eradication and displacement of a people. This is all post WWII/holocaust.

But just like you said, not everybody's a fundamentalist, or a pro-zionist, or orthodox. fundamentalism is ugly in any color- christian, muslim, jewish, etc. most people in those groups aren't like that, and i love my jewish brothers and sisters. even in israel, there is a massive peace movement of israelis that are very actively against their own government, for example. when i think of an issue, it's tempting to attack the group as a whole, but then in real life, i always end up checking myself and (often grudgingly) forcing myself to assess people on an individual basis.

i really tried to walk away from this post, but i just couldn't. it's like, i know better than to talk about this shit but it doesn't seem to matter.

Sue said...

Okay. Don't be too hard on them Dave. Only Tibetans are enlightened enough as human beings to respond the way you describe to persecution and annihilation of their culture by being tolerant of all others. Unfortunately human beings are selfish by nature, ergo, hate, violence, wars, etc. The cycle continues. Each of us can only choose not to be a part of it for ourselves. That is where the buck stops, with each one of us. I for one choose tolerance of all others. More, I choose love for all others. This is the most I as one person can do.

David Mason said...

Well its one thing to have an opinion and keep it to yourself, its another to go on tv and champion a nize, especially when youre jewish, and go for another group. Its a personal attack to make the effort to draw a news crew and rally on tv against gays... Im ready to fight back.

Anonymous said...

Errmmm, "welcome to earth."
Sure it SUX HARD but religious groups handing out giant megaphones to slimy politicians is nothing new. I mean what do you expect from a group with "ORTHODOX" in its name? Even if a boycott of businesses owned by Orthodox Jews was "successful," it's not gonna change shitty attitudes toward gays.
I'd actually rather spend my money at a local business owned by a homophobe than at some corporate-owned mega dump that probably trashes and exploits people on an even larger scale.
Plus, without homophobia we wouldn't have nearly as many "fierce queens" and other RAD GAYS....riiiiiiiiiight? :)

swine said...

Ur anger would be better placed toward Paladino, instead of those loons. This is a small, very extreme group who hates everyone that isn't one of them. They especially hate other Jews who don't "believe" as they do.

Boycotting businesses of Orthodox Jews would promote more hatred. This group does not represent all Orthodox Jews. They merely represent themselves.

Put ur anger up against Paladino -- who was stupid enuf to consider this wacko group as a legitimate ally & is clearly homophobic himself. The thought of him as governor is truly terrifying. I bet a good rant of urs against him would help stop that from happening.

Aaron said...

Religion should be abolished, but that will never happen, so it will just end up being the downfall of the human race. Hopefully the ufo's will intervene in time, of course there is the argument that they are breeding humans as slaves on another planet. I guess the best thing to do is vote.

Aaron said...

David, I would also like to point out that your missing the real issue here, that is thanks to Paladino, SANDRA LEE is now closer than ever to becoming first lady of New York State!! The Tea Party better start planning their TABLE SCAPE!!

Damien Oz said...

As a Modern Progressive Jew I would like to apologise for the drivel from this piece of vomit ridden trash bag............