Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween costumes I have been in sequence....

Football player
Yoda ( uncomfortable paper clips held on my pointy ears made from paper grocery bags, and I had this fierce Shillelagh that was my grandfathers)
Kooky Spook Pumpkin Head (My only commercial costume, all the others I made myself)
Bumble Bee
Love Bug ( wtf was I thinking?!?! I took the wings I had from being a bumble bee and put hearts on them?!? and isnt a love bug CRABS?!)
Clown ... GROSS, I dunno how I was made to be this but BARF.. I think the costume was in the cellar.... Why was there a clown in my cellar?!?!?
Scarecrow ...Gross again, I think this MUST have been my gross phase, and my dad made me be this at some firemans halloween party, I think my costume won me a BOOK?!?! A book?! Talk about GROSS?!
Dragon ... Fierce, I think I made the head out of two shoe boxes and lots of TEMPRA PAINT. I must have made a very conscious effort to be what I wanted for Halloween after the clown/scarecrow debacle because now they get way more "ME" and also more aggressive.
Wizard ( with fierce purple hat that hat crescent moons and bats on it and my mothers periwinkle velvet bath robe)
Mad Scientist
Conceptual Wonka Bar ( were now in college)
Grace Jones
Abstract fetish object
chartreuse and magenta sequin skeleton
Pro Wrestler
Givenchy Jester
Football player
Storm Trooper
This year Im not even sure yet... I wanna be something slutty though, last year wasnt slutty enough...


fang said...

whatever you go as, it needs a chaps-style opening.

if you catch my drift :)

Anonymous said...

Please post photos of:
Pro Wrestler
Givenchy Jester

they are must see's!

JP said...

i'd love to see pics of you as grace jones!

Anonymous said...

Please, please post photos of:
Football Player

Were you channeling NFL realness or was it more fantasy?!

Michael said...

Maybe Geekologie has come to your rescue. Check out the sexy Tron/Marvel super hero mashups. I couldn't help but wonder if somehow the 'above top secret' Slick It Up 2011 catalog has been compromised!


Anonymous said...

I'm going as a My Little Pony this year - it's like the chubby gay-boy's version of your awesome unicorn photo shoot.

I think that you're talented enough to make a sequined musculatory suit - but A) It's not really slutty and B) you've only got a week to do it.


fang said...