Sunday, October 10, 2010

House of Vader word of the day: JEWAGE!

Your outfit needs more JEWAGE! I think thats how you must have to spell that word that means "MORE, MORE" Like in a sentence "I think that wreath you made for X-mas needs more JEWAGE!" Its phonetically pronounced as the french for I (Je) and like the end part of the word JUDGE without the D ... Je-uhge... JEWAGE! I think the guy from Project Runway used to say it too... The only word in english I can think of that sorta sounds like it is SEWAGE, when you say it like that kind of weird white lady way (is there any other way) and say it like SOODGE, so you switch the S for a J and you have JEWAGE, say it fast and you have it. Its my new favorite word to SPELL, its better then spelling LICORICE for lickrish!


Rico said...

Carson Daily 'queer eye' used that 'jewage pronounced jooojh.

David Mason said...

joojh is good but i dont like it that we all make new words now and theyre just phonetic... there needs to be a little brains put into the new stuff i think. Otherwise were just evolving into cave people.