Friday, October 15, 2010

Its THEIR fault?!?!

Yes Slick It Up is primarily for gay guys but what you dont realize that being from upstate New york, THIS is what I had to work with as far as HIGH ENERGY DANCE MUSIC as a teen. So what does a gay teen do when THIS is all you have... YOU MAKE IT YOURS!!!... Its still one of the best workout songs EVER... Sorry for the super shitty home camera quality but everything else was blocked and its really more about the song... I live for this damn song and just did naked runway in my house to it saying "BODY BODY BODY!!" (like the guy in Paris is Burning)... If I hadnt heard it I would have wanted to go to the Crazy Horse in Paris, which they mention, and the Crazy Horse is one of my top three favorite places on planet Earth!!! Thank you Motley Crue!

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fang said...

they were fuckin' all kinds of awesome in the 80's for sure. i saw them on the Dr. Feelgood tour and they rocked like a bitch. (although skid row upstaged them with their support slot i have to say - incendiary)

my friends band Killing Joke supported them a couple of years ago just for the insane amount of money they were offered and said they were a total load of dicks.

and at the risk of sounding biased, they did kick their asses that night at wembley too - Crue sucked. time has not been kind.

the Dr. Feelgood album however - still awesome, 'kickstart my heart' is still the shit!