Monday, October 4, 2010

Multinauts EPISODE ONE IS UP!!!! Watch this or youre not my friend!!!

THE MULTINAUTS- Episode One "Flashback" from Multinauts on Vimeo.

I finally get to see me as Oysters Rockefeller the fiercest super villain this side of ... well... 9 avenue.

Head to the MULTINAUTS fan page HERE, the bios are pretty funny.

This is the bio for my character... OYSTERS ROCKAFELLER rose to power as the Supreme Executive of Nork Korp after the Wars of Cancellation. He strives to dominate the Multiverse through his relentless takeovers and advanced mechanical and genetic weaponry. His combined corporate holdings are vast and continue to grow. Some of which include: Quato's Pizza, Wreckton Breweries, NT&T Wireless, and NAC Cosmetics, which produce the wildly popular fragrance "SAGAT"
I love that I own NTT&T and NAC cosmetics... OH and COCO VAUGHN is EVERYTHING!!!


Anonymous said...

I did NOT see that blood bath coming! ha! In a perfect past I would have watched this every Sat morning with a giant bowl of Captain Crunch.
Love the music and the outfits!

Sue said...

You truly are fierce; the most interesting character there! I love the Multinauts!

David Mason said...

Thanks so much you guys!!!!!

Lucien said...

How did you & that eclectic mind set - ever come up with such a overpoweringly fierce costume and character - its the fiercest of the fierce .

Erik said...

You should sell this to the Finnish TV... I can totally see my little nieces and nephews watching this, wide-eyed!

Aaron said...

That was the most retarded thing Ive ever seen in my entire life

Holly said...

"Can we go see that movie Mom?" Need I say more?

David Mason said...

its funny you should say that Erik, because FRENCH tv actually already asked for it, the ARTS channel no less! which i LOVE . I SOOOOO wanna be a star to FRENCH CHILDREN... it makes SO MUCH SENSE, the cuntiest babies in the world LOVE OYSTERS...
and Holly, you rule! and Aaron I HATE YOU!;)

Anonymous said...

I bought the tie-pin, but wondering how I get on the waiting list for the Oysters action figure ??

Kurt Walters said...

More Leslie Hall!!!! yeah you were great too.. ha!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic!!! Its like Dr. Who and AbFab had a baby! Always a good thing if you ask me. Good job guys! Can't wait for more episodes!

*When I grow up and become a famous director I know who I am going to cast as my super villian! ;)

Blue said...

LOVE IT! its interesting actually hear what you sound like after just reading your blog. its nice to put a voice to such a hot guy!

David Mason said...


gavin said...

That was really fun, Dave!

I love the look and sound design -- reminds me of RED DWARF, DR. WHO, HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE; a bunch of 1980's, BBC sci-fi!

And I love the random insertion of Spuds McKenzie. It's like,

"Since we're already on the '80s, let's throw in the surfing dog who's too cool to look at us without sunglasses!"

The visuals are clearly the star. Your Slick wear was bitchin.' It really lifted the cast up to animated backgrounds' level.

Great acting job! Or is it acting?

I assume any appeal to children as a true audience is disingenuous, what with all the THROAT-RIPPING and SLEESTAK SLAUGHTER; not to mention an all-adult cast.

I think in order to sustain grown-ups' interest, you guys might have to sharpen the comedy and get deeper into stories with good, moral challenges and themes.

Fights that are difficult for the heroes to win are always better than the quick fixes, too.

For instance, punching numbers into a computer to escape the Time Tractor is just a little too easy. Something they do on lazier episodes of STAR TREK.

And the Sleestaks should have fought back and fucked up the heroes a little more.

I know the show isn't supposed to be taken too seriously, but I think it could benefit from a little more serious storytelling, however comic or campy.

But overall, I enjoyed the fun and can't wait to see the rest!

Anonymous said...

Huge kudos to David for describing it as a birthing of Dr Who and AbFAb - could NOT have said it better.

kevin said...

wow david that was awesome. the blue jacket and hat (eye?) was the star of the show!!!

kevin said...

wow david that was awesome!!! the blu jacket and hat was the true star of the episode!!! damn.

Avenjer said...

Damn! That was fun. I used to do ridic home movies with friends in high school--so I know how many days and nights of hard work went into just this one episode. The special effects were kick ass for a kids show. Awww I really want your villain laugh on a loop played over a club beat---make that happen---with a 12" inch exdtended remix pleasssse! ;)

Jennifer Juniper Stratford said...

For Gavin

I'm so happy you spent time to write such an in depth review of the Multinauts. Should we be blessed with the opportunity to make a ton more episodes, our plot lines will grow as will the character's relationships with the audience.'We also promise to never become modern day "Battlestar Galactica".

Two comments

"Since we're already on the '80s, let's throw in the surfing dog who's too cool to look at us without sunglasses!"

Well they're actually in the future and in a completely different universe, not the eighties. Spuds McKenzie is there to represent Wrekton (Part of Nork Korp Breweries). You see in the Multiverse Oysters owns everything and takes his advertising mascots so seriously, he sends them to parties to further promote his products.

"For instance, punching numbers into a computer to escape the Time Tractor is just a little too easy. Something they do on lazier episodes of STAR TREK."

This action is without a doubt an ode to those episodes and more specifically those times when Geordi LaForge blurts out a bunch of engineering jargon and it only takes a punch of a button to escape what is just a plain old tractor beam.

Can't wait for you to see Episode Two!

Unknown said...

loved it when is the next one.. I wanna see more of oysters

gavin said...

Dear Jennifer,

Thanks, I'm laughing WITH you on the Spuds McKenzie and "Quick Computer Fix" gags! I assumed you intended it as camp. I also meant "'80s" as an aesthetic for the joke I was cracking -- I know the show isn't LITERALLY set in the '80s :)

But my reaction to the Quick Computer Fix also comes with genuine worry -- I wouldn't overuse that device unless you really sharpen the humor with punchlines and make a running gag out of it, so everybody gets it.

But then again, what I would do isn't right for everyone, and there's something to be said for subtler camp.

I'll be watching regardless, keep up the good work. Your productions are really growing and improving from that Dungeon Majesty stuff I saw on Youtube.

Doesn't filmmaking have an astounding learning curve?