Saturday, October 9, 2010

Multinauts FUN FACTS.. Some things you wouldnt know...

THE MULTINAUTS - Episode Two "Mirrorman" from Multinauts on Vimeo.


1. The two guards with the goggles have very interesting careers. One is a Belgian geneticist searching for the "gay gene" and the other was a former Disney Imaginer who designed a bunch of interesting things including the new entrance of Epcot Center and has the blog JUSTINSPACE. After shooting his scene SVEN the brilliant geneticist called Jennifer who plays "Gigz", and is also the person who put the show together, and said "Thank you for including me in the show, I dont get out of the LABORATORY MUCH?!" It got him extra camera time!
2. The bad guy at the end is actually HOT, beautiful even, he just looks not so hot with gold glitter on his face, TIP metallic face paint ALWAYS looks bad and makes your pores look huge and wrinkles super prominent.

3. If you notice the bad guys head piece its like an EVIL unicorn, its actually a giant outdoor christmas tree ornament, and a prototype for making the Exterface unicorn, I learned that the horn had to be SMALLER then you think and that the mane material had to be far more structured and manageable and less like actual hair. He also had a three dimensional scarab I made out of gold paper that was kind fierce but you cant even see it.
4. The hair whip is EVERYTHING, and I was the person who DEMANDED IT. She was really shy and did not get into being JERRY HALL, which I just said " YOU ARE JERRY HALL SERVE ME H-A-I-R!?!?!!!". Which I think she did well being shes totally not the type in reality and actually mega brainy M.I.T graduate. Just think how baby gays will remember that moment for LIFE!.. In 15 years Freckles will be hosting the West Hollywood Halloween Parade because of it.
5. The guy playing Dungeons and Dragons was a Prada model.. not sure what kind though, print or runway..???
6. Oyster Rockefeller and Bananas Foster both get their name from dishes invented in NEW ORLEANS, this is by BIZARRE CHANCE. I got my name from when I was a kid and we went to a "fancy" hotel for Easter or my birthday, I cant remember, and this group of Swedish people were gathered around a CHAFFING DISH... I asked my mom what it was that would cause such a stir among fancy and EXOTIC SWEDES .. and she said " Oyster Rockefeller" and I just thought that sounded like the FANCIEST / GROSSEST THING EVER.. Perfect for a SUPER VILLAIN, and BANANAS FOSTER is just MADE for a henchwoman...
7. Believe it or not I MUST admit that that is NOT my actual speaking voice, if I never admit this I will NEVER get laid again.

8.The Nork Kill Kruzer - Dominator Class... best name ever.. Is actually a modified toy model battleship. I liked the concept that my battle ship in space was the same as a battleship on Earth. It was made by Xanthor, who is straight. I thought that not everything needs to be made by a gay and that a straight guy does actually have some design ability, and would be a good choice for battleship building. I trusted his abilities and I think it paid off. I like the idea that my ship is totally DUDE and inside is OYSTER ROCKEFELLER, its a metaphor for my own body and spirit!
9.We shot the Sagat sequence in Xanthors DRIVEWAY at night, im sure the neighbors thought nothing of it.

10. The tag line for the Sagat perfume came from my concept that in the future NOBODY will eat meat, and even the CONCEPT of eating meat will be EXOTIC and PRIMAL and MASCULINE. So the idea of it smelling like a HAMBURGER would be WILDLY SEDUCTIVE AND TABOO.... perfect for selling a fragrance!


Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

That was a lotta blog so you'll excuse me if I didn't read a word of it.

But I had a thought: GRUDGE MATCH:

Linda Evangelista v/ Belinda Carlisle...

Think about it...both post-menopausal women with undescended testicles....both heinous without beat face...neither with a lick of talent but both with the balls of a linebacker who's baby daddy is unknown....

Who wins?

Martha Stewart

Sue said...

All of this cleverness and thought that went into a 20 minute entertainment for children is really wasted on them and is better spent [wasted?] for adults. Here are some of the things that I really liked about it:

the irony that Gigz plays D&D, when her real life is just like that; plus the rest of the crew watches reality tv.

LOVED the meat perfume by "NAC"

More Sagat is needed

the sock puppet worm monster

Oyster's maniacal voice [oh, and I think that is the way you speak!]

Loved Gigz D&D opponent from Prada

Loved the cleverness of the costumes and sets

Loved that the girls saved the day!

David Mason said...

Thanks Sue, so glad you like it and appreciate the little details and such!!!:) Love to hear the feedback :)

brando said...

The geneticist was serving you BODY!! They both were! And I was drooling over that Prada model too, he reminds me of the evil leader Isaac in Children of the Corn but hotter.

gavin said...

That Prada model is hot. I didn't know what gender he was, but I didn't care!

And I would do ANYTHING to smell like Francois Sagat ... the old-fashioned way.

Joel said...

I watched the video before reading the blog. Freckles WAS Jerry Hall. Also liked your Grace pink DA in the bike scene.

Sue said...

Hmmm. I think the series could do with a good glitter throw!