Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Slick It Up T shirts!! Theyre kind super popular... Just sayin'

The new T shirts designed by uber talent Brandon Haynes and shot by EXTERFACE of course, starring Rachid and Ferid of Paris!!! I love Paris, they walk for FACE! The shirts are available HERE and have sleeves but if you want them sleeveless just CUT THEM OFF LIKE WE DID!!!


fang said...



David Mason said...

So glad you like them Fang!!!:)

fang said...

i like the more contemporary urban college jock one, but the one i think i'm gonna treat myself to in a couple of weeks is that brilliant 80's throwback - it's all kinds of awesome and makes me want to listen to Van Halen's 'Jump' very loud whilst wearing it.

Lucien said...

I'm going for the black on black one for myself ,and gifting a couple of them to friends in LA

after all... Black is the New Black