Thursday, October 14, 2010

Slick It Up Halloween costume idea number 7 Cannonball Run Slut!

I dont know what this says about me but this NEVER gets old for me. Im so happy it still brings me joy over and over again. I actually get excited seeing the NAMES even?! Charles Nelson Riley... WERK?!
I actually think part of the current reason as to why I like it is that its not only fun and sexy and fierce but its ALL INCLUSIVE. Like the gays are totally part of it, integral even, and its all just fun... Oh its a perfect world, everyone is playing in harmony! The theme song is an incredible mantra for WORLD PEACE! Just listen to the lyrics, theyre surprisingly open minded and happy!
This was obviously the inspiration for the RACING SUIT which is available HERE at a discount with promocode "houseofvader".


Pick said...

Does the car come free with the suit? ;o)

LOVE 'em both!

gavin said...

Wow, that IS a massively, multi-cultural cast.

And talk about a FAGSTRAVAGANZA! They have Dom DeLuise, Jim Nabors, Don Knotts, Charles Nelson Reilly ... practically every fag from the era.

James Coco called from Richard Simmons' ass and told them it was too gay!

Eric Robert Jackson said...

Just a thought after looking at this wonderful picture of you in that slick racing suit. I was noticing your black sneakers thinking they looked out of place. Slick It Up should work on some stretchy slick foot gear. I think it might be a great seller for the shrimping crowd. Just a suggestion, and not a reflection on a hidden toe fetish I may or may not have...