Wednesday, October 20, 2010

There is NOT a blonde ponytail sticking out the top of that hat?!?

This lady is so many things but lipsynch artist TO HER OWN SONGS is NOT one of them?!? What is this lady even doing??? To be honest, I dont care. Im just happy its not someone else on tv that I DONT LIKE. She can sit there and do shitty lipsynch all day so long as its taking time away from sports and the news for all I care... Id watch an amazing transexual CHEW GUM for a half hour before Id watch "the real housewives of..." or BASKETBALL... theres not even anyone cute for me in basketball.... if youre not into black dudes basketball is like watching bulldykes make out, for me at least, Im just forced to sit there and think "Im SO not into their body fluids that Im seeing drip all over the place?!... touch me and im MACING YOU... ROSIE!" though I do thank basketball for the high top... its a cute shoe.... Or as my friend from Lebanon calls them "Boots" .. SWEAR TO GOD, I was with him in Spain this summer and he asked me "What do you call those BOOTS again? I want to get a pair." I was like "What boots have I been wearing in August??.... OHHHHHHHH THOSE BOOTS... My HIGH TOPS!" I was like WHATEVER YOU DO do NOT go to NYC and walk into Footlocker and ask the RICAN DUDE "Can I try on these BOOTS in size 10 please!" because he will serve you the kind of GAG AND CACKLE they usually only give to BUSTED TRANNIES and Chinese guys who come in wearing WOMENS JEANS ( this is not uncommon in NYC I promise - next time youre here just look, and this was pointed out to me by a CHINESE PERSON MIND YOU!!!)..
.... BUT they really are kind of a boot if you think about it... and thats why they all wear that dorky EURO SNEAKER... they dont even know what a HIGH TOP is?!?! See, as Americans we take ACTIVE WEAR for granted?! We should be THANKFUL. There are people in Europa and Middle East WITHOUT HIGH TOPS?!?! Ive said it before and I say it again, one of the major things that separates EUROPE from America is African Americans. Europe and the Middle East has plenty of Africans but NOT African Americans... they're responsible for a lot more then you think. America kinda owes a really hefty portion of its coolest country in the world status ( I know this is arguable but the fact that were the most "ethnically plundered" is the proof that we still are the most "cool"... nobody is dressing like someone from Mongolia for example) to African Americans and I dont think they get enough credit. I dont know many gays that say that America has "Fierce" because of African Americans, or as I and my black friends call them, BLACKS, but they should. Europe has plenty of cool shit and cunty shit, but I dunno, "FIERCE" is RARE in Europe and I think thats because that unique concept of fierce comes from HOPE and INGENUITY and there just isnt that concept of HOPE and a DREAM in Europe that you get in the states. There it seems more like things are set and if youre dad is a butcher, theres a good chance YOU are going to be a butcher. Where as here your dad can be a butcher and you can be GRACE JONES.

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Lawrence said...

I love your blog! You really do have great taste & you are the sexiest blogger around. I stumbled upon a male figurine on Ebay that resembles you. Look up,"Truetype Figure" the next time you visit Ebay. It's eerie how realistic this male figure is, but you're way more buffed! P.S. When you go to YouTube look up,"Paula Deen Pants Fall Down" she doesn't wear underwear!