Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thierry Muglers version of Too Funky !?!

In the original version they make it obvious that george and Thierry were queening out over how the video should be, but I had no idea there was an alternate version. Its nice to see all the other stuff they shot, though I do think the other version is better as it is more cohesive, but it was a mistake not using the de-wigging scene with the robot head underneath. I know its usually a stunt for a desperate drag queen losing her audience but I think blue wig on supermodel to reveal CHROME DOME is a nice touch.


Erik said...

There´s so much good material that editing must have been hell!

Robbie said...

God Julie Newmar of Batman (Catwoman) fame looked fabulous in this. She was the one in a white coat who filled in for someone on stage and opened her legs high in the air dressed in a black shiny catsuit.
There seem to be more hot gay boys in this version, but yes, the chosen version flows better. Robbie.