Monday, October 11, 2010

WERK?!?! Watch "The Arrangement" tonight!!!

Im sorry I neglected to mention this sooner but ARMEN RA appears on The Arrangement on Logo tonight and he wears Slick It Up.. OF COURSE... If youre unaware of Armen, which would be a sad thing, hes the only other person besides me, francois, and Grace Jones whos portrait Id have on my wall. Because I lack the time and the writing abilities I must give you some sloppy writing and just say, he plays the theramin , most famous in the song "Good Vibrations", and HES THE NEW KLAUS NOMI. Hes totally his own thing and by no means a rip off, but I feel if a CHILD were to describe them to a POLICE OFFICE it would be impossible to say who committed the crime.. SURPRISE ENDING .. THEY BOTH DID ?! and thats why they rule!

Photo by Tim Palen... Duh...
You can buy Armens album HERE


brando said...

oh my god i LOVE Armen Ra! He looked SOOO FUCKING AMAZING on the show. Soo petite and just soo damn perfect. His grooming is impeccable.

BUT a competition show about floral arrangements... I can't. I love flower arrangements but a competition show about it... let's just say I fast forwarded it to Armen's parts.

David Mason said...

Yeah hes SO tiny, a sparrow, and very funny and sweet in person. total doll