Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All new Tactical Guard at Slick It Up!!!

Its the PERFECT gift! Pick It up at a discount HERE using coupon code "houseofvader" at checkout! the neoflex classic jeans are also available... pair them for a look!


Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

I am no fashionista, but I always have an opinion.

That said, I must say I find the footwear you pair with SIU pants unsatisfying. Either the pant should taper and become a legging into a boot or it should accommodate a sexy boot.

But Asics wrestling shoes? Patent leather pro-wrestling boots definitely. Maybe some hi-rise Otomix boots for old school body builder realness? But collegiate shoes seems like a cop out.

As any queen or UES bitch can tell you, a shoe is the punctuation mark on the sentence of a look and these shoes are either a big question mark or one of those annoying semicolons that no one ever uses properly.

As an owner of said jeans, I can attest that I have successfully paired them with a beautiful pair of black patent leather Dior Cuban-heeled ankle boots.

Watch my show a little more closely and maybe you'll see.

I hope everyone is finished with marketing for T-Day.

Martha Stewart

Sue said...

I love it!


Braver said...

this gift includes our favorite frenchie?

David Mason said...

I can put a word in and see....

David Mason said...

Great profile pic btw :)