Monday, November 22, 2010

Creature that is MORE FIERCE than YOU of the day : Dolly Parton.. having fun on a Ferris wheel.. by herself.. wearing dalmation... in the 80s

My first month away from home ever, in college in Minnesota- ( Dont ask me why I thought that was a good idea- I was just too scared to ask my mom to go to California, where I ended up going a year later, and when I did end up asking my mother if I could go after spending a year at SHITBOX backward Minneapolis College of Art and Design she said "I dunno why you didnt ask for that in the first place?."... BLINK.. BLINK... I did NOT just spend a year in a basement apartment in MINNEAPOLIS when I could have been in short shorts and sunglasses in a jacuzzi at CalArts?!) ... I digress... I went to the Minnesota State Fair BY MYSELF, talk about a recipe for FEELING ALONE ( cut to "vintage memory footage" of Minnesotans walking down a colorful stuffed animal lined "midway" while eating CHEESE CURDS (never had heard of such a thing) and candy apples, SHARING and LAUGHING and POINTING with greasy fingers and SNICKERING with poorly painted faces ( is that make up or FACE PAINT I dont know?!) as I walk ALONE), I went to see Dolly Parton because I had no friends yet... Dolly was my friend though... thanks Dolly!


Dan said...

Dolly's the best...she'll be your friend when every backwards person in Minnesota won't be. :-)

Lawrence said...

Dolly was recently on a radio talk show and voiced her outrage at check cashing businesses that charge crazy fees. How many celebrities have the guts to criticize the unfairness in America like her...YOU GO GIRL!

Kevin Smith said...

Dolly is my friend as well. Seen her 6 times in concert, have almost all of her albums...fierce only begins to describe the Living Legend.
Love your blog!