Thursday, November 18, 2010

I just had a tarot card reading on PUBLIC ACCESS and got READ!?!

OK OK OK OK!!?! I KNOW I have been neglecting the blog and I think thats because Ive not only been super busy but because Ive also been spending too much time on FACEBOOK and after the SHITTY READING I RECEIVED ON TV and the subsequent NIGHTMARE I had last night from it Ive decided to cut down FB and focus back on the blog as well as other projects of mine.
SO I dont know how many of you know about NYC public access television but there is a wide variety of unremarkable shitty programming, and there are always these astrologists on doing free readings but the footage is always YEARS OLD so when I flipped past "Paula Roberts- The English tarot card reader" and it had todays date on it I was like "Huh Ive ALWAYS wanted to do this. I'll call now" I was TOTALLY not expecting to get through but I DID, and because of this I was a bit flummoxed when she asked me what my question was because I DIDNT HAVE ONE. So she said "Let me just give you a general READING" and she DID?! Her reading was about 30 seconds and went like this "I see someone disappointed in a project that doesnt come out quite right, someone who is busy busy busy busy busy but not quite focused on the right things, someone who does not like to to be told what to do. I see you involved with some man in your family ( I only have one man, my dad who nobody talks to) in the spring with a property, and someone whos social life is blanced...hmmm fairly balanced" ... WTF?! All I could say was "Thank you." and hung up but what I wanted to do was CALL BACK and be like "WHAT?! I mean I know youre probably RIGHT because I do NOT like being told what to do and I AM too busy and not focused properly but UGH... and what did the RETRACTION about my social life being balanced mean?!" I'll make the best of it and try and get my house in order and focus on the right things but what I wanted to hear was "I see MAGIC SPARKLE RAINBOWS, PURPLE DRAGONS and CASTLES OF CANDY and GINGERBREAD MAN BODYBUILDERS in THONGS!" Instead I got a STERN READ from a British old lady who looked like one of the convention scene extras from The Witches?!
This reading of course initially made me wanna STICK MY HEAD IN THE OVEN and because of this I then had a NIGHTMARE, which I have only like 2 a year, where a person was trying to break into my apartment and he was at the door while I was sleeping and all he said was "David... Its your computer!?" Like my computer was at the door, which I do not think is hard to translate as to what the meaning of this dream was. Now yesterday I wanted to snap Paulas neck because REALITY is a HARD PILL TO SWALLOW but now Im THANKFUL for her, maybe I need an OLD BRITISH LADY serving me reality more often. Now I can focus, calm the fuck down, get my shit together and get my house in order, and now if I AM disappointed in a project that doesnt come out quite right then this softens the blow a bit as my expectations are lower. So THANK YOU BRIT WITCH for CLOCKING ME... Im gonna try and keep it together, follow others direction without knee jerk conflict, and chill.... TRY I said.. TRY... I make no promises..

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nathan said...

Is this the same show with the Spanish lady with the big glasses and the big black queen and they do a side-by-side but its silent the whole time they're talking to people? Or sometimes they would just sit there waiting for the phone to ring. I used to watch that all the time and imagine what they were saying. I've always wanted to call!